Can You Make Money On YouTube?

Can you make money on Youtube? That’s a great question.

Can You Make Money On YouTubeAnd my quick and simple answer for you is “HELL YEAH!”

BUT – it comes with a word of caution. If you know what you’re doing, then making money on Youtube is a piece of cake. But if you don’t know what you’re doing. Then like everything else. It seems almost impossible.

Many of my very own students ask me… “Can you make money on Youtube?” And I always tell them, “Yes, but let’s first talk about why Youtube is so powerful”. Did you know that 3 Billion videos are viewed A DAY!? Yup! That’s Billion with a B! It’s insane! So right there, you can see how much potential traffic and eyeballs this website gets.

48 hours of video is uploaded EVERY MINUTE. Can you say “HOLY S#%T!”. Yeah. That’s how many people from all over the world is driving content to Youtube. It is a content MONSTER. Quite literally.


Can you make money on Youtube?

Yes you can. But not the way that you are thinking of. There are a few ways to make money on Youtube. The first and most usual way is to become a content expert and upload a ton of entertaining content onto your Youtube Channel. There are a few people who have done this successfully. But let me tell you, that it’s not the easiest thing to do.

Firstly, you need to be pretty good at creating entertaining videos. Secondly, you need to hit over a million views consistently to get any real attention from Youtube to start allowing you to put up sponsored advertising. Which is down right impossible! So, this strategy is the most obvious, but is NOT really an option.

Ok… but what if you’re not some good looking, super talented, entertaining kind of person? (Don’t worry, most of us aren’t!)… Well it’s all good because Youtube is a great source to drive customers to other methods of making money on the Internet. (And there are lots of ways to do that…)

Yup! It is a primo source for generating TRAFFIC and new customers.

What do I mean?

Well say for example, you have a product that you want to market online. And you needed to drive some eyeballs to your product so that people can buy it. Then Youtube would be a perfect source for doing that. Now you might be thinking, “Well Aaron, I don’t have a product. How can you make money you Youtube?”

And that is something that we teach our students how to do on a regular basis. If your goal is strictly to create more income for yourself. Then Youtube can definitely assist you in making money. However, all you’d be doing is using Youtube as a source to drive more leads and traffic to other places online where you would be generating your income and profits.

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