Viral Traffic With A Twist

Over the weekend I came across this hilarious video called “Webcam 101 for Seniors”. I have watched this several times and each time find myself laughing hysterically just as I had watched it the first time.

The reason I wanted to share this with you today was for 2 very powerful marketing lessons hidden in this video. If you notice that the video on You Tube has over 7 million views – completely free and viral. In the last 2 days alone I have seen the views increase by 2 million!

This proves 2 things. People LOVE to be entertained and they also LOVE authenticity. This video is so entertaining and natural that it just draws people to it. Sometimes when we are creating content for our marketing we can get so caught up in trying to provide value and teach something, that we can forget about the simple things in life that people actually want.

The key to be able to execute this is to remain true to yourself first of all, and be authentic, but also aim to entertain and integrate your message within that. The only way to truly connect with people is to be completely transparent and authentic. There will be some people that will not connect with you or understand you, and that is fine. But what you are aiming for is to target and communicate with those that connect with YOU.

Don’t sweat the small stuff like not being grammatically correct or worrying about whether your sentences are structured perfectly. In our industry people are no different  – they still like to be entertained. So give people what they want and this is how you create a following. People will religiously follow you because of who YOU are.

I promise you will find yourself watching this video several times and laughing. Let this remind you to keep things simple and just be YOU.


By Jenni Ryan

Doing is believing and believing is doing. For more awesome tips and network marketing strategies to take your business to a real place of results then be sure to check out my free video here.

How To Infiltrate LinkedIn

Have you noticed that the only Social Media sites that people concentrate on are Facebook, Twitter and YouTube?

And in that exact order!

These sites are literally covered with noisy Network Marketers promoting their businesses ALL OVER the place. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s a BIG market and you can definitely get YOUR piece of the pie IF you know what you are doing…..but why not go somewhere a little quieter with people that are generally of a higher quality.

What do I mean?

LinkedIn baby!

You see LinkedIn is a Social Media site where 70 million+ professionals like to hang out. These are people who are looking to connect with other professionals or are seeking “white collar” employment.

When I think of “white collar”, I think of 2 things.

1. Educated

2. Have Money

Wait a second…

Aren’t they the kind of people who would be perfect for our business? I mean people who are switched on and have enough capital to invest in a new business?


So why they heck are we wasting time over at Facebook & Twitter when there’s a goldmine of leads just waiting to be tapped?!

Hold on a minute my friend…

Unfortunately, LinkedIn is a different animal altogether.

You can’t just go barging in there pasting your business opportunity all over the place. These Manager and CEO types will see right through your BS and not even give you a second look!

So how then, do you tap into this “unique” Social Media site?

Well, I’m glad you asked.

Step 1:

Create a new profile. Add a professional looking photo of yourself and fill out ALL the information in as much detail as possible. This includes all your past work experience and what you are currently doing now. Fill it out as if you were filling out your CV.

Step 2:

Join as many large groups that are related to your industry as possible. Large means > 5,000 people. Add roughly 20+ groups. Sometimes it may take up to a week before getting accepted into the groups as they are moderated by individuals who have busy lives. This is NOT Facebook. Send them an email if you don’t get a response after a few days.

Step 3:

Write “lead generating” articles that offer lots of value. They could talk about different marketing strategies, mindset or training that would interest and educate other Network Marketers or wannabe entrepreneurs.

Be sure to leave a “PS” at the bottom of the article with your name, title and a strong “call to action”. Example: If you want to learn more about how to leverage the power of the Internet and earn a fulltime income from home, click here …”Beat The System”

Spend some time on the title of your article as this will determine how many views you receive.

“How To Work Less & Earn More In 60 Days WITHOUT Working A 9 to 5”

As opposed to…

“See How I Made More Money Than Bill Gates!”

Step 4:

Post these articles inside the discussion section of each group as often as you can. The best days are Monday to Thursday. Do not post on the weekends as the “white collar” professionals are resting. That includes Friday. Best times to post are early in the morning or at lunch time.

Step 5:

Connect with people who comment on your articles and give them a call to introduce yourself for best results.


That’s how you pull those high rollers into YOUR business and get quality people to build your organization for you.

Now, if you think that was awesome and want more…Click Here to get our FREE Online DVD ($397 Value) that will teach you how to build a $0 to $125,000 online business from scratch. You’ll love it!

iGlobal Pros co-founder Aaron Chen

By Aaron Chen

Aaron’s “tell it how it is” attitude to marketing and success online has helped hundreds of people to breakthrough barriers in both their life and business. One of his career highlights was co-founding the award winning marketing group iGlobal Pros.

The Right Way to Leverage Social Media

You will feel a sense of enlightenment after you have read this short article. You will be able to willingly influence social media as a tool that you may use to improve you, your business, and your brand.

However, before we go further into the exact methods of how to accurately influence social media, let’s take a look inside social media and identify what others are doing incorrectly.

Social Media sites such as Facebook and YouTube are places to meet individuals one on one and build relationships. However, there is no need for you to instantaneously turn around and crush that connection by immediately pitching them on a business opportunity.

Sound familiar?

It’s okay, most folks feel that urge to reveal their amazing opportunity instantly. But this is not going to help you or your business in any way shape or form. [Read more…]

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