Project Mayhem Bonuses

Congratulations on joining Project Mayhem!

Here are your bonuses as promised. However before you start going through them, please remember that you need to FOCUS on the training that is already being given inside our team site

You should already be starting the 100 Day Challenge and should be blogging every single day!

Stay focused and you WILL get results…

These bonuses are to work in addition to what is being covered inside Project Mayhem, so please don’t get side-tracked.

BONUS #1: Team Site

Team Training Site – Project Mayhem

Password: lt (LT in lowercase)

BONUS #2: Co-ops

Co-ops will continue on a regular basis…

They can be viewed under:

And will also be updated in our Facebook Mastermind:


BONUS #3: Simple Solo Ad Secrets (732 Lead Days)



BONUS#4: How To Sponsor 70 People In 72 Hours

Coming soon…


BONUS #5: How To Generate Free Traffic

Coming soon…



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