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2 Days, 4 Hours Per Day


START DATE (TBD – end of November 2011)


Friday: 5pm ET – 9pm ET

Saturday: 5pm ET – 9pm ET




This is a BONUS workshop designed for “Big Thinkers” who are committed to building 6 and 7 figure incomes. This POWERTHON Workshop will open your eyes to the intricacies of your PRO business and lay the foundation and step by step action plan YOU need moving forward. You will not find training as transparent or as transformational as this anywhere. BOTH beginner and advanced marketers will benefit massively from this workshop. *You must qualify (please see below)




  • This will be a 2 Day, 4 hour/day non-stop live webinar workshop
  • Each day will be split up into 4 modules roughly 1 hour each
  • All attendees will have their lines unmuted the entire time so that they can interact openly with the trainer
  • There will be a 10 minute break in between each module
  • Attendees are encouraged to speak openly and ask questions whenever they want


MODULE 1: Taming The Mind ‘Beast’ & Setting Up For Success

  • Words of wisdom from the man himself – Mr. John Jackson
  • Strategies to stamp out that annoying negative voice in your head and take action like an uncontrollable machine
  • Become a beacon of positivity and instantly triple the results of your business
  • How to be PROactive rather than REactive
  • Use these specific income producing activities to double your profit and reduce your waste
  • How to hit every single deadline with ease and master your personal power

MODULE 2: The Mastery Of Vision And Time

  • Crafting the perfect business plan and execution strategy for the next 12 months (without this your business is dead in the water!)
  • Why you will lose momentum and purpose without a proper Vision & Mission
  • Crafting a kick butt DMO (Daily Method Of Operation) so you can increase your productivity by 200%
  • How to eradicate procrastination from your life forever and become the “ultimate producer”
  • The list of tools and strategies we personally use that will create massive leverage in your business and life
  • Become an outsource master and learn to remove yourself from the equation

MODULE 3: Formulating Your Perfect Avatar To Sell Like A Madman

  • How to identify your perfect customer “to a tee” so you can sell your products like gang busters
  • Learn to identify your target audience pains, hot buttons and strategically apply “pin-point pressure” to get the EXACT results you want
  • Learn the step by step art of leading your customers through a structured “mind control” process and have people begging to work with you
  • Learn to locate and target a hungry crowd so you have hoards of people swarming to buy your products

MODULE 4:  How To Write Killer Ads That Convert Like Crazy

  • Why bad sales copy will kill your business and amazing sales copy will explode it
  • Steal our ‘proven’ ad writing formula that will force people to click on your ads even if you’ve never written an ad in your life
  • Examples of email titles that will boost your conversions through the roof
  • 5 neat little tricks to write explosive ads that will have your target audience eating from the palm of your hand
  • The simple ‘boomerang’ strategy that will keep your customers coming back for more and more and more…



MODULE 5: Creating ‘Rock Solid’ Relationships With Your Prospects

  • Understand the raw power of Autoresponders to effectively build relationships with people half way across the world
  • Use this one simple trick to create unbelievable stickiness to the people on your list (you’ll be shocked when you do this yourself!)
  • How to create compelling stories that will make your prospects LOVE YOU and get excited every time they hear the words “You’ve got mail!”
  • Implement a “special” blog tactic that will allow you to double your sales and conversions
  • How to use posture power to position yourself as an expert, coach and mentor, magnetizing your prospects to you like bees to honey

MODULE 6: Powerful Conversations That Put Money In The Bank

  • How to speak the language of prospects so they have their credit card in hand waiting to buy from you
  • A simple task that you MUST do if you generate less than 100 leads a day (otherwise you’ll be leaving thousands on the table!)
  • The exact way to structure the BIB call, positioning and the follow up process for maximum effectiveness
  • How NOT to sell on a call so you never lose another prospect ever again

MODULE 7: The Psychology Behind BIG Upgrades

  • A step by step look at what happens in a real business plan call and the subtle magic in action that creates belief and boosts conversions
  • Discover the psychology behind high ticket sales and why your prospects will have no choice but to play from the top once you use this strategy
  • Master the art of the sale and eliminate “No” from your prospects vocabulary

MODULE 8:  Existing Sales Funnel Critiques And Insights On WHAT TO DO NEXT?

  • A workshop style training where we will rip your funnel to shreds and build it back up piece by piece so you can achieve the results you came here to get
  • Improve your funnels congruency, appearance, message and effectiveness to generate you more sales and money
  • Stop your confusion and finally understand and implement the ins and outs of a master funnel that will transform your business and life
  • A concrete plan of action on what to do next…






To take part in this 2 Day “Powerthon” Workshop, you MUST be at the PLATINUM or BLACK levels BEFORE the start date. This is higher-level training and information that is designed for building a 6 & 7 figure business. Anything less than a PLATINUM Business will not be in a position to effectively benefit from these insights.

If you are already at PLATINUM, you are eligible for this workshop. However we still encourage you to play from the top as we know for a fact that you will see huge gains after this training. BLACK members are already eligible for this workshop as you have already made the commitment to your business and results.

We have put together this extensive “Game Changing” workshop to help take your business and perspective to the next level.  Understand that we are here to help and are dedicated to your success, however we are looking to invest our time energy and resources into those who are willing to invest in themselves first. Actions speak louder than words.




  • 7 day window reopens for 7 days – Upgrade to Elite Status (Available Until Saturday, October 22nd)
  • Black = $2,000 worth of leads; Platinum = $1,000 worth of leads; Gold = $500 worth of leads; Silver = $200 worth of leads (Available Until Saturday, October 22nd)
  • Everyone who upgrades to Platinum or Black in order to attend our Powerthon Training will also get a complimentary entry ticket to the Landmark Forum, courtesy of iGlobal Pros to jump start your mindset and take YOUR business and life to the next level.

The Landmark Forum is the pinnacle of transformational live events and all the biggest players in our industry are graduates of Landmark including Jay Kubassek, JJ, Kameron George, Jonathan Budd, Mike Dillard etc.

*Note: The Landmark bonus is only available to those that upgrade to the next level




Please fill in and sign the form below so we know how many of you will be taking advantage of this insane training.


Successful people decide quickly and change their minds slowly.

Failures decide slowly and change their minds quickly”


To the top!

Simon, Kameron, Jenni, Karen & Aaron


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