Is Your Vision Clear?

Most people I have asked this question of tell me that it is.

“Yes, I know what I want to achieve here,” they tell me. Yet when I look at the marketing and their messages they put out to their market place, it is confused to say the least.

Call it saying one thing and doing another, but if there is any conflict, EVERYONE will see it, even if they don’t consciously realise they’ve seen it.

As a result of this, there is a lot of talk from ‘guru’ marketers about defining your ‘why’ and having a clear vision, but what does that really mean? How does that help get the message across to the market place and help you as a business owner sell more of your stuff?

Lots of people talk about it, and regurgitate sound-bites about ‘defining your why’ and letting everything else follow (the ‘what’ and the ‘how’) but to the common man on the street who just wants to get online and earn some money, what the hell does that actually mean?

Let me cut through the ethereal bullshit and ‘sound bites’ for you and explain in basic terms what many of these people don’t even understand themselves…

Firstly, understanding why you’re doing something is not enough. You have to have a VERY clear vision of what you’re trying to achieve. Saying that you’re ‘building a better future for your kids’, or ‘creating financial freedom’, or ‘getting out of debt’’ is a long way short of hitting the mark.

Imagine I tell you a story about a man who had a bad time, so he went off on an adventure and came back rich. What’s missing? Does that make for a good novel?

That ‘story’ is not a story at all. It lacks detail. I will not invoke the imagination of the reader. People always talk about movie adaptations of books on the basis of whether the movie was a good portrayal of how they had imagined the book. One classic that springs to mind is the ‘Lord of The Rings’, which is so graphic in its language, that people actually see the story playing out in their minds eye.

Yet, when I challenge people to tell me about that ‘better future’ or ‘financial freedom’ they struggle to provide any detail whatsoever. Unless your vision of what you want to achieve can be played out in detail like a ‘mini-movie’ in your mind, that completely immerses you, captures your imagination, all your emotions and truly inspires you to leap out of bed each day, desperate to get to work, then you are a long way short of being clear on your vision.

How do you get a vision that clear?


Write it down.

Work on making it clearer every day.

Immerse yourself in your vision every day, so that you feel it, touch it, smell it.

Will you find it easy to do at first?


Will you have to put some work into it?

Yes. Absolutely anything that is worth doing will need to have work put into it, and this is the first and foremost daily practice of all successful leaders and entrepreneurs, without exception.

Having a clear vision, destination, or goal is at the heart and foundation of all success. You have to know what you want to achieve, or specifically where you want to get to before you set off on the journey.

Notice that I said it was the foundation? Like the foundations in a house, it’s only the start, but is fundamentally important to get right. The rest of the house still has to be built, so just defining your vision is not going to sort out your mixed marketing messages overnight (although mixed marketing messages are a clear indication of a lack of founding vision, much in the same way as subsidence is in a house).

Once you have the foundation of a clear vision in place, then you can start looking at defining your ‘Why’ (yes, your ‘why’ and your vision are NOT the same) and building/fixing the rest of your business.

Let’s discuss the ‘why’ another time…


By Simon Guilliard

Having spent over 15 years selling ‘big ticket’ corporate solutions, Simon brings a wealth of business and sales know-how to the table, with a unique entrepreneurial vision that is valued by customers and associates alike.


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