Is Body By Vi A Scam?

Body by Vi is a challenge/product marketed by the company Visalus. It is a 90 day weight loss program using the nutrition products from Visalus sciences. The challenge involves a weight loss shake programme that has been formulated by Doctor’s and a fitness program that you incorporate into your daily routine.

There are four different packages or kits to get involved and you choose the one that best suits your goals and your budget. The challenge is producing thousands of success stories and there are many live challenges and events being held across the US.

Body By ViAs well as a weight loss program it is also a multi-level marketing company in which as a consultant you can potentially earn a significant income by retailing the product and recruiting other consultants into your team. You then train your team to duplicate what you are doing and work your way up to the different levels such as Ambassador.

They have bonuses every 90 days with a BMW give away and hundreds of distributors have already achieved the rank to receive the BMW. Some people decide to join the Body by Vi challenge purely to lose weight, but many others join as a consultant to use the ‘refer 3’ programme also where by referring 3 people you can get your programme for free.

Body By Vi Success?

However, to truly be successful in the Body by Vi/Visalus programme it ultimately comes down to recruiting enough people into your organisation to create that lifelong residual income. This is where the majority of people will fail because they will never make consistent cash flow to sustain their business until it produces that residual income.

I know plenty of people who are achieving great results with Body by Vi Challenge and receiving the bonus awards. There are also a vast amount of people who are struggling to make enough to cover their costs.

In any business, whether it is Network Marketing or traditional, cash flow is king. Without cash flow your business will not survive. When people sign up to the majority of MLM companies, unfortunately they are not generally taught ways to monetize and increase their cash flow outside of the products they are marketing and this results in a lot of failure and then, of course, blaming the company and saying it’s a scam.

If you want to really get results and sustain your business, you have to learn to treat your business as a real business, not a hobby, and make sure you have multiple streams of income and generate cash flow outside of just retailing products.

To get a detailed explanation and free training on how to create consistent cash flow in your business then visit to receive this no strings attached training.

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