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A cross-country runner was leading the pack of runners with some good distance between him and the following pack. It seemed like victory was assured as the race neared its latter stages, yet the runner was worried.

He was concerned that he might not finish the race, or that the following runners might catch him and overtake him. They were more experienced than he was, he reasoned, and so he muttered to himself as he ran along.

Before long, he began to notice that the following pack was indeed closing in on him. His fears were coming true. In fact, as he began to turn his head to keep an eye on the runners who were gaining on him, he began to notice that the rough terrain, the rocks, the pot-holes and all the other obstacles didn’t seem to be bothering the other runners quite as much as him.

Why was this? Was it because he was in front and so they were able to learn every time he stumbled? He turned around again as he could now hear the heavy panting of the runners behind. Even their breathing seemed less laboured than his. As he turned to look, he stumbled over a rock again.

Getting back up, the runner began muttering to himself and complaining about the course that had been set by the race organizers. Why did it have to be so difficult? The downhill sections were just positively dangerous, and someone could get hurt, and so the moaning to himself continued.

Before long, the inevitable happened and runners began to pass our runner. Eventually the runner finished in fourth place, shattered, drained of energy and completely devastated to have missed out on one of the medal spots.

At the finish line, the press and media crews were surrounding the race winner, eager to hear how he had gained so much ground on our runner, to eventually snatch victory right at the end.

The winner replied quite simply: “all I focused on was catching the runner in front of me, and getting to the finish line before him.”

A simple statement, and one that didn’t quite satisfy the pack of eager reporters, all wanting to understand how he had seemingly hovered over the obstacles that had caused so many problems for the other runners, including our former race leader.

But there, in that simple statement lay the truth of the matter. While our runner was focused on the runners that might catch him, the obstacles and everything else, he lost sight of what his focus should have been on: the finishing line. That finishing line, and passing the leader was all that the eventual winner knew about. He couldn’t explain how he seemed to pass the race leader so easily; he never even gave it a second thought.

Building a business, much less a home business, is very much like running that very same race. But the question is whether you are so focused on your goals that you barely notice the obstacles (like the eventual winner), or whether you complain about other team members, your upline, your company’s products, getting kicked off Google or anywhere else (like the former race leader who finished 4th).

The ultimate question to ask yourself is whether you have things to complain about, or results?


By Simon Guilliard

Having spent over 15 years selling ‘big ticket’ corporate solutions, Simon brings a wealth of business and sales know-how to the table, with a unique entrepreneurial vision that is valued by customers and associates alike.


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  1. Simon

    Liked the comparison in the article, as always when building any business online and trying to get a result out of it requires a single overall goal with each step having to be fulfilled.

    Theo winner’s overall goal was to finish before the other runner, that goal is the same as any other business but you need to make sure that your goal is to look after your customers and that will help you achieve your goal of running a profitable business.

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