Are You Coaching or Handholding?

In the 6+ years that I have been in the Network Marketing industry, one of the most talked about topics is the subject of mentorship and leadership. Thousands of people with employee mindsets are coming into the industry every day and everyone of them is looking for someone to help them go from zero to hero.

This subject, however, is one that many leaders will have a wide range of opinions on. Some like to believe that doing everything possible (including one on one coaching) is necessary to help someone succeed, while others believe that less coaching gets better results because it empowers people to solve their own problems. They are forced to start to thinking like an entrepreneur.

I have experienced many years of handholding in traditional MLM as well as much less handholding in latter years in the direct sales industry. Which one do you think got the best results?

The latter, by a long shot, and let me explain why…

When you are constantly handholding someone and spoon feeding them answers to every question, you actually disempower them to ever think for themselves. They will never be able to lose that employee mindset because they are never challenged to solve problems for themselves.

Why would they?  The easier option is to just get the answer from someone else.

Do you think that is how successful people think and act? Or do you think that a successful entrepreneur can solve their own problems and find their own answers?

I can also share from my own personal experience in mentoring people that nearly always, the more personal time you give people answering questions and solving their problems, the less they will actually do!

Crazy as it sounds, that is how it is.

I do, however, believe that it is critically important to provide as much training and resources for your team by systemizing it and making it available for everyone. No one wants to be left to struggle with no information and guidance. As a mentor and coach your job is to be transparent and lay everything out on the table to help your team duplicate what you do. But also, by giving them some strength and empowering them to take action and strive to do what it takes to succeed.

Not one of us who have reached the top level in this industry has done it easily. This has to be part of your journey. To overcome obstacles, challenges and solve problems. Without these things, there is little hope of a breakthrough.

iGlobal Pros remain committed to helping their team succeed with weekly training, a constantly updated team training site, a forum and a team Skype chat. These tools and resources are openly available to anyone on our team.

Strangely enough. Only a small percentage of people are committed enough to use these resources.

If you want success more than you want to fail, then it’s up to each person to take responsibility for their own results.

Are you willing to do what it takes to separate yourself from the 97% crowd?


By Jenni Ryan

After chasing the big MLM dream for over 4 years, Jenni took all the new skills she had acquired and began consulting and mentoring others on how to build an online business the “right way”.

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