Are You A Risk Taker?

Many new entrepreneurs who enter into the home business arena come into their new business with eyes wide open and high expectations of what they will earn. However, they also have very unrealistic expectations of what is required to make significant income.

This is largely due to all the hype and over-exaggerated promises online about what it actually takes to build a six figure income. People see flashing ads promising them to earn $44k dollars with a one time $10 investment.

What you really have to do is to ask yourself – is there anything in the world that is built on integrity that doesn’t take hard work to succeed? Can you honestly say that you can go to the gym once every 3 months and achieve the same result as if you committed to a weekly routine of at least 3 times a week?

The truth is that becoming successful online or in any home business requires a lot of hard work, perseverance and investment of time and money. Yes, it is possible that some people can start with very little money and create their own success but certainly you cannot succeed with an investment in either.

Many new entrepreneurs will take a look at the options when first getting started in their business and decide how much they are willing to invest. It is quite normal for most people to have really high income goals, and say they are very serious about achieving that goal, yet their actions and investment strategy says otherwise.

They will take the safest option and have an attitude of, “I will start here and see how it goes.” Unfortunately, playing it safe doesn’t produce results. There is always that element of disbelief and by not taking the biggest risk you can to get results you leave yourself open to fail and quit because you have left yourself an out. The only way to play the game is to play the game to win.

There are a number of reasons why people will not play full out and they are:

1) they believe they cannot find the capital (or actually won’t even try to)

2) they don’t believe they have what it takes to succeed

3) they don’t trust the person or company they are investing in

4) they honestly believe they can get rich with little investment of time and money

All of these (at the time) seem like very valid reasons when justifying the cost vs the rewards in your head. However, if you sat down and removed every single excuse and simply just looked at the rewards and how they match your goals, what would you do?

It is also very much the same once people decide to start marketing. People still get very afraid of taking risks by actually doing something. Whether that is to risk spending some money on marketing or putting yourself on video, the risk element always plays a huge factor in people getting started.

If you want to get results like the top earners then the ONLY way to think is to be a risk taker. It certainly is obvious that the people who take the biggest risks also receive the biggest rewards. Take Richard Branson for example. He stands out as someone who takes a lot of big risks in business, yet he also stands out as someone who has received the biggest rewards.

Being a risk taker is definitely one personality trait that is required in order to be truly successful in business. Ask yourself if you are truly committed to achieving your results or are you playing it safe?

By Jenni Ryan

Doing is believing and believing is doing. For more awesome tips and network marketing strategies to take your business to a real place of results then be sure to check out my free video here.

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