$55,627 for the month of April.

The month of April has come to an end and we did even better than the month of March which you have probably already seen income proof for.

As we leverage the PRO system more and more, our profit keeps increasing and totaled $55,627 for the month of April.

You can see that in the red box below and can see all the other streams of income that are generated inside this powerful business model.

The blue box where is says $45,020 are the total payments that I have been paid out this month so far, as we receive our commission payouts weekly (top earners get paid out more regularly).



Now $55,627 generated in a month is not a figure to joke about. That is a real life changing income. In fact, I know very few people who earn anything close to that type of money.

Now again, I don’t show you these figures to show off. All I want to do is show you what I have been able to create for myself using the PRO system and that the results I have been talking about over the last few weeks, is REAL. And that I teach people just like you to do the same thing, every single day!

In all honestly, I don’t really like showing people our income statements because it gives people the wrong idea. It somehow makes them think that this is a push button opportunity and that they don’t have to do ANY work. I want you to understand right now, that this is a real business, and it’s going to take LOTS of work. However, the opportunity, the system, the team, the training, the mentoring and the chances that YOU can do this too, are REAL. That’s the difference.

And some people just “need” to see that I am actually making the type of income that I say I am. Which is why I feel the need to put my money where my mouth is and show proof.

Here is more proof of my team iGlobal Pros taking over the leader boards in the month of May. You can see that we are always in the top 5 position for the entire company (over 6000 members) and are in second place for total commissions earned in the month of May.



I guess the nagging question that most people have on their minds is, “Can I do this?”. And let me tell you, that IF you were to do this alone, then probably not. BUT, with the help of a powerful system and business like PRO and the guidance and mentoring from top earners like us at iGlobal Pros, this will probably be the best chance you will ever have of changing the circumstances of your life and earning an income that most people only see in their dreams.

But it really does start with you.

So what I would recommend is to…

Stop waiting. Stop sitting on the fence. Stop getting ready to get ready. It’s time to get some skin in the game and change your life.


Start by submitting your application HERE.


We look forward to speaking with you very soon.


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