How to Start a Business with No Money and No Effort!

Okay, so I am sure that title grabbed a lot of peoples attention. Quite frankly, I am shocked at the amount of people who actually believe that you can build a successful business anywhere without, in fact, a lot of investment of either time or money.

It seems to be a common expectation in the Network Marketing and Internet Marketing fields because of the amount of hype and misinformation that circulates about easy money and promises that anyone can do it.

Let’s examine and really break down what that misinformation is and how to pull it apart and re-evaluate what your expectations should really be going into ANY business.

“How I Made $72k in One Week, Sitting around Doing Nothing”  Does that sound familiar?  It should be because honestly, there are a lot of these types of websites online. But ask yourself – does it sound realistic?

Of course not!

Is it possible to make $72k in a week?

Yes, of course!  But not without a lot of sweat equity, challenges and failures.

This type of headline though, will bring in the people with a lottery mentality. They are driven by false hope and a desire to actually make money for nothing. When these type of people get started with such unrealistic expectations is it any wonder that they quit within 30 days because their expectations are not met.

No wonder the major search networks like Google are cracking down on business opportunity ads. This type of false hope marketing has ruined it for those in the industry who actually may have something of value to offer.

Let me be frank here, in that not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur. Yes, anyone can do it, but 97% of people won’t do what it takes. I guess you could compare it to  having success as a professional athlete or pop star.  Many people believe they want it but only the small percentage will actually succeed based on their perseverance and drive.

I believe the fact that a lot of business opportunities have a low price point to get started as well is also the reason that so many people get started and fail. It’s much less likely that some people would even consider getting started if they had the same investment requirements of something like a big franchise or a traditional brick and mortar business.

This type of investment requires much more commitment and planning and thought.

There are plenty of people who have actually started a business from nothing and created very successful businesses,  but that also requires an incredible amount of personal sacrifice and drive that again , the average person just doesn’t have or know how to tap into it.

I do, however, believe that there are a lot of people out there who consider themselves average who actually do have a lot of potential to create a life of results and freedom, but because of society and conditioning they simply accept that getting a job and living someone else’s life is all that is possible.

All it takes is a big dream and a lot of desire to activate the ‘secrets’ of what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur.

Just don’t ever believe that you can succeed with no investment or no effort. You will be severely disappointed and wind up right back in the rat race doing exactly what you were doing before. Nothing will change.

By Jenni Ryan

Doing is believing and believing is doing. For more awesome tips and network marketing strategies to take your business to a real place of results then be sure to check out my free video here.

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