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Congratulations on purchasing your “Black Box”

…and on making the decision to control your own future!


Pictured above is your leadership team. We are an international group of top marketers and co-founders of iGlobal Pros. We formed this alliance because we believe that by sharing our combined skills and experiences, we can empower YOU to achieve success much more quickly than was possible in the past.

We had all achieved individual leadership status within PRO prior to our alliance. Our mission is “to fuel your passion, to ignite your imagination and to inspire greatness.” We have set an immediate goal to empower 10 people a month to be earning $10K within their first 6 months online. Are you ready to do what it takes to be one of those 10 people?

Whether you are personally sponsored by us, or one of our team members, this site is for everyone to utilize so that all new members have access to our personal team training when getting started.

Follow the Leader…

One of the most important aspects of becoming successful online, and separating yourself from the 97% crowd, is to be coachable and to think and act like a leader. Wherever you are in your life now is due to the decisions you have made in the past and the actions you have taken. Maybe you have already done well for yourself, which is great, but you came here for a reason. Whatever that reason is, ultimately your success is dependent on the decisions you make moving forward and duplicating what the leaders have done before you.

This site has been put together to help you keep on track and move through the steps in your PRO back office. We want you to understand the lucrative income opportunity you have in front of you.

Let’s get one thing clear first…

Success is a journey and requires a lot of hard work. Earning a six figure monthly income is a result of diligence and perseverance, not just luck or simply signing up. Our commitment to you is that we will share with you all of our strategies and marketing knowledge, our insider secrets and will help you create a winning mindset that is required to achieve long term success.

Your commitment in order to get what you came here for is to do what we do, follow the plan that we lay out for you, attend our live trainings and to become a problem solver. You may be thinking why do you need to become a problem solver? The answer is that every successful entrepreneur is faced with challenges and frustrations and by learning to become resourceful and find solutions you are putting yourself ahead of 97% of the population and will consistently overcome any obstacle that crosses your path.

Okay, let’s get started…


Note: Please follow the steps in order and do not skip anything or jump all over the place. Remember, this is all in place to help YOU.



Step 1 – Schedule Your Business Plan Call


Please contact our Business Development Manager Cindy immediately via email or phone:

Email: Cindy@iGlobalPros.com

+1 619 758 4002 – USA

+44 20 8144 9520 – United Kingdom

+61 2 8005 6145 – Australia

+27 21 813 6017 – South Africa

Let Cindy know the best time of day to reach you and your preferred time for your Business Plan Call (approximately 2 hours). This information will be sent to you in an automated email (or “autoresponder”) message as well. This is an extremely important step and is vital to your success in using the PRO Elite BlackBOX to its full potential. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP. Get in touch with Cindy right now!


Step 2 – Starting at the Beginning, Your Products and More…


Step 3 – Important Video On Leadership


Step 4 – Complete These Steps in your PRO Back Office


getting started steps


getting started steps 2

Complete each step in the ‘choose your membership’ level by following the link at the bottom of each page on to the next step. This will allow you to see every available package and the savings you can make by taking advantage of the 7 day window you have to get started at the discounted prices.


* While you are waiting for your business plan call you can proceed with setting up your marketing system.


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