What Is PRO


What Is CarbonCopyPRO Exactly?


CarbonCopyPRO Is An Online Marketing System


It is used to market anything, to anyone, anywhere in the world.

It works with ALL businesses & still allows you to generate income ONLINE even if you don’t have a business…


This includes:

* MLM companies
* Direct Sales companies
* Affiliate Marketing businesses
* Network Marketing companies
* Brick & Mortar businesses
* Learning how to generate income online


So whether you’re in companies like Herbalife, Xango, Monavie, Usana, TVI Express, Vemma, Amway, Creative Memories, Aloette, 4Life, Evolv, Isagenix, Melaleuca, Magnetic Sponsoring, Lifepath, Market America etc…PRO will work for you.


This Is Where I Started Too


When you’ve been in MLM/Network Marketing for a while, you come to realize that it is actually a huge industry and there are much more profitable business models within Network Marketing itself.

I found this to be true after going into $40K in debt trying to figure out how to market my MLM business. Buying course after course. Trying marketing strategy after marketing strategy. Ruining relationships with my friends and family. I was about to give up on this whole home business “thing” and that’s when I found PRO.

After finding Carbon Copy PRO and using their plug and play marketing system, that’s when I had my first $10,000 month. And my income just went up from there month after month.

I left my MLM after that. After generating thousands for myself each month inside PRO, I realized that it wasn’t my lack of effort. It was the broken business model, the high attrition rates, the old school prospecting techniques and the low commissions of MLM that were holding me back.


Now PRO is a combination of 3 things:


1. Marketing Education

Learn how to drive traffic to the system by harnessing the power of the Internet. It gives you access to tools, training and education given by million dollar earners in our industry. Live and recorded marketing training on topics like: Twitter, Facebook, Blogging, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Solo Ads, Forums, Linkedin, Ezines, Youtube, Article Marketing, Google, Yahoo etc etc…

2. Marketing System

It is NOT theory, but an actual system. Landing page, sales pages, lead tracking, auto responders that sorts, filters and qualifies your prospects for you 24/7. “Qualified coaches” call your applicants

3. Black Box / BIB

Starting product.


Why You Need A Marketing System To Market Online

Marketing online requires you to have skills that most people do not have initially. It is very different from offline marketing and requires the RIGHT education and tools to succeed. Without these things, you will continue to spin your wheels, waste time, and spend more money than you earn every single week. PRO allows you to get all these things in ONE place for a fraction of the price it would cost you to research, build and do everything on your own to succeed online.

Remember: Every other Home Based Business teaches you how to use old school and ineffective “prospecting” techniques to grow your business. CarbonCopyPRO is truly at the forefront of this industry and educates you on how to use current ONLINE strategies to ATTRACT people towards you and focuses on the #1 thing that will make you money in this business:


This is about positioning yourself on the Internet, in front of your target audience, who are ready to become a part of your team, without you having to pitch, beg, bug or nag anyone to look at your business, products or opportunity.

REMEMBER, the reason you are on MY list, is because YOU found ME. Not the other way around.

So if you want the same type of results in business and life, go right now and fill out your Application so you can get access to my PRO team and the same Marketing Education and System I used to become a Top Earner in this industry.



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