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“Offline to Online Advertising:

How To Unlock The Secrets Behind Direct Mail Marketing”


Offline advertising is a rare beast these days.

On average, it will cost you $10- $25 to generate a lead offline using classified, magazine display ads, or postcards.

When you consider that the average person in the MLM or network marketing arena makes just $30 to $100 per new customer or distributor sign-up, a problem arises.

The simple truth of the matter is that for 90% of homes business owners, the numbers don’t add up. For example, let’s say that the average lead costcomes to $15 and that they make $100 for each new customer. If they have a 10% conversion rate (which is great!), they’re still spending $150 to make $100.

Losing $50 per customer on the front end is usually not an option for the average home business start-up. It might make sense for a more established company that can take the life-time value of a customer into account, but the average mom and pop isn’t in that kind of position. But none-the-less, offline advertising offers amazing advantages if you can make it work.

For Example…

When a new partner gets started with me here in CarbonCopyPRO, I want to help them get their marketing campaigns up and running ASAP. Unless you already know how to advertise online, it’s going to take you 1-3 weeks while you go through that learning curve.

That’s a problem because…

I Want You To Be Making Money Within Days, Not Weeks!

And what if you’re an old corporate work-horse who isn’t “computer savvy?”

What are you supposed to do then? Buy leads from lead vendors? Well if you’re in another company, then yes. (Sorry!)

But not here in PRO because we have a proven, turn-key postcard campaign that you can tap into the very day you start your business.

Did You Know…

It costs on average $300 in advertising per new

consultant here at PRO? Do the math…

As a consultant, your profit is a minimum $1,000.

That’s over a 300% ROI (Return On Investment)!

And that doesn’t even take into account the lifetime value

of a customer which is much, MUCH higher…

Back end sales can be as much as $20,000 per customer!

…and you only spent an average $300 to acquire them!


This exclusive campaign is extremely powerful because it allows anyone, despite their current skill or comfort level, to start marketing and generating leads for their PRO business within their first 48 hours. In fact, there’s a good chance you found me and this boot camp as a result of the postcards I’ve been sending out!

But if you haven’t seen the card yet, here’s a sneak peak…

FRONT of Postcard:


BACK of Postcard:


Everything is turn-key. All you need to do is decide on a website address (which I’ll help you do), and how many cards you want to send out per week. (I recommend at least 2,000).

Our fulfillment center mails your cards for you to the targeted lists we’ve already identified and selected for you. That’s it.

  • You don’t need to be an internet expert.
  • You don’t have to cold-call strangers.
  • You don’t have to pitch your friends and family members.

With Our Proven Postcard Campaign, Interested Prospects Contact You!

Now, the use of a campaign like this one is only possible because of the significant compensation found at CarbonCopyPRO. The metrics are completely different than in a conventional network marketing opportunity. Instead of $30 to $100 per new customer, you’re making $1,000 on every “entry” sale and $5,000 to $8,000 on every “back-end” sale.

I’ll get into the compensation later, but I’m sure you can see how postcard advertising makes sense for us, unlike anyone else.

The postcard sends your prospects to a replicated capture page that you get as well. Both pieces were designed together to ensure what ‘s called “congruence”, which simply means there is an obvious visual relation shared between them, and that one is a continuation of the other, which is critical to creating a marketing campaign that actually works as well as this one does. There’s a lot of psychology happening under the surface of these two pieces, and they were designed with great care for several reasons…

Our #1 Priority is To Ensure We Only Attract the Right Caliber of Person

There are no big bright, screaming headlines. There are no “big money” promises made. And we skipped the fake pictures of gorgeous models. The photos are real. They’re actually PRO members.

You see, in advertising you get what you ask for, which is exactly why this campaign, this company, and our team attracts such a high caliber of person. We’re not looking for the “opportunistic” type who just wants a quick buck, or someone who’s looking for a job.We want to attract genuine leaders. People who understand that a business like ours is a true business with significant income potential. Not a money game.

Everything about PRO is genuine. The postcard, our pictures, and each of our websites were hand made by the leaders in this company. They’re not manufactured pieces that some web company was paid to create and that’s important because it sets us even farther apart from the “competition”.

As you can see, there’s no learning curve required. We have everything in place that you could ever need in order to start generating an endless stream of prospects who will be contacting you on a daily basis about your PRO business and opportunity. And remember…if you don’t know online marketing yet, that’s okay! You can instantly tap into our proven postcard campaign and into profit while we teach you the ins and outs of successful online marketing strategies.

Tomorrow’s topic? We will cover “How To Turn Leads Into Customers”

Until tomorrow,




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