Income Proof – Making $12,466.66 at the start of March 2011


I’m someone who likes to put my money where my mouth is and really show people the results I’m getting with my business.

There are just way too many marketers out there who are self proclaimed “guru’s” who really have no idea how to generate lasting success and wealth online, but yet they tell you that they are going to teach you “How to make $100,000,000 in 15 days at the push of a button!”

Which is of course you already know is impossible.

Building a real business takes time, effort, tenacity and a real business model that will allow you earn the type of income that changes lives.

So here is a screen shot of my earnings at the start of March 2011. As you already know, I am the co-founder of the leadership team iGlobal Pros inside of PRO, and you can see our name on the top left hand side of this page, so you know this is definitely us.

This was taken at the start of March and does not even include my final earnings and my other streams of income online.



Let me also show you proof that we are taking over the leader boards inside of PRO and are always in the top 5-6 position for the entire business. Remember that PRO has thousands of marketers from over 200 countries all over the world and they are some of the best of the best online. So it is a real privilege to be at the top with some of the great elites.

This is us taking top 5 position for overall lead generation



This is us taking top 5 position for BIB sales (which is our starter product)



And this is us taking top 5 position for AMI Sales (which generates us thousands per sale)



The best part about all of this, is I want to teach you exactly how to do this as well. I want you on stage. I want you receiving awards. I want you to have the life that you deserve. Now my team iGlobal Pros and myself personally have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to reach their full potential, but it really starts with you.

One of our personal students Shaqir Hussyin inside of PRO even went on to earning $40,000 per month. And he was able to do this from the skills he learned through our coaching, mentoring and training.

So why are you still waiting and watching by the side lines?

I know that I have given you enough proof to show you that we are real and that we are getting the results that you want in your business and life too.

So let us mentor you.

Submit your application now!





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