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Forget Cold Calling…

Here’s How I Generate 70+ Leads A Day For My Business Using CarbonCopyPRO!


The vast majority of people who join a home business are in for a shock when they get started. It is very normal practice for their “mentor” or “upline” to tell them to make a list of all their friends and family, or make cold calls, or prospect on the street etc. to build the business.

Now if that sounds ridiculous to you – IT IS!

I mean who the heck would want to prospect on the street?! Or hassle family members into helping you build your business when they are busy with their own lives? You won’t believe how many relationships are broken by this one silly marketing strategy.

Look, you’re looking to be in business now. So it’s time you became a professional. I don’t use any of these outdated and broken business models and marketing strategies, and the good news is, neither will you!

Below is a screen shot of my Aweber account which is how I keep track of the people that have become a lead in my business.

A “lead” is when someone comes to your website, reads the information on it and is interested, so they leave their name, email and phone number so they can start receiving more information from you.


And you can see that under “Today” I generated 74 leads

And 60 leads the day before…

All this without even leaving my HOUSE!


Remember…This Business Is ALL ABOUT Traffic!

It’s a Numbers Game!

The more people that come through your system and see your business, the more business you will close! If you want to command a six figure income, then you need to have thousands of people looking at your business. Period.

Leads is what fuels your business. Without leads, you won’t have a business.

Therefore, when you learn to generate your own leads online and don’t depend on running around to 10 different hotel meetings, trying to make a list of the limited number of people you know, or buying low quality leads from your company’s lead vendors, then and only then, do you have full control of your business.

At this point…

The Sky Is The Limit!

You Can Generate 10 Leads a Day OR 100 Leads a Day!


You can go as slow or as fast as you want.

Now…just because you’re on Facebook with 5,000 friends or you have a blog, Does Not mean you are marketing online.

Marketing online and being able to generate a significant amount of traffic requires you to be educated on exactly HOW TO do it “properly”!

As a member of my team, this is what you will be focusing on. Gaining knowledge and learning the marketing skills that YOU need to position yourself as a leader and be valuable to the market place.

This is a list of just some of the platforms I use to generate 70+ leads a day and “attract” people towards me and my business:

* Facebook
* Myspace
* Twitter
* Blogging
* Article Marketing
* Video Marketing
* Google
* Pay Per Click
* Search Engine Optimization

Note: Due to the nature of my CarbonCopyPRO business, the profits I generate are so high that I can afford to scale up my marketing campaigns to thousands of dollars each month. Bringing me more revenue and profits. Most other business models in the home business industry including MLM, don’t allow you to do that because they pay you peanuts ($50 – $100 per check) and you end up spending more on marketing than you make each month. Which leaves you out of pocket!

Remember: Every other Home Based Business teaches you how to use old school and ineffective “prospecting” techniques to grow your business. Carbon Copy PRO is truly at the forefront of this industry and educates you on how to use current ONLINE strategies to ATTRACT people towards you and focuses on the #1 thing that will make you money in this business:


This is about positioning yourself on the Internet, in front of your target audience, who are ready to become a part of your team, without you having to pitch, beg, bug or nag anyone to look at your business, products or opportunity.

REMEMBER, the reason you are on MY list, is because YOU found ME. Not the other way around.

And as a new member of my team, I’d be more than happy to show YOU how I do this, so you can get the same results in YOUR business.

So go right now and fill out your Application so you can get access to my Carbon Copy PRO team and the same Marketing Education and System I used to get these results.







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