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Why Your Ongoing Marketing Training Will Allow You to Write Your Own Pay Check


As an online marketing education platform our commitment is to provide you with the most cutting edge marketing training on the internet so that even as a beginner you can work your way up to becoming a master marketer. To become a master marketer you must learn from the best…and the best is what we provide. Inside your back office you will have access to a comprehensive marketing guide along with numerous live calls every week and special short courses by very high caliber internet marketers.

We provide marketing strategies to suit any budget and have on hand the best trainers for paid and free strategies. Social media is increasingly becoming a very successful marketing method on sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Myspace. Two guys who made over $1.8 million dollars in sales in 10 months using social media with a ZERO marketing budget, Dennis Karganilla and Jimmy Davis are regular trainers at our company events and also have provided special training modules in our back office.

I completed a 90 Day challenge that DK and Jimmy Davis run to help take peoples business to the next level using Social Media and my results were nothing short of incredible. So incredible that DK sent my testimonial out to his whole list (which as a multi-million dollar earner is huge).

Once you have mastered free marketing strategies or if you are already an advanced marketer, then you will be aware that Pay Per Click advertising is the most powerful and time leveraged form of lead generation. But, it can be a costly method if you don’t have the right training and get to know each PPC platform inside out. I know from experience. Prior to Carbon Copy Pro in my previous MLM I spent 4 years on Google with no real training other than reading a few books, and although I had worked it out to some degree I knew nothing about optimizing and actually how to make a profit.

We are privileged  to have the expertise and coaching of Cherie Yvette of The Urban Cowgirl and if anyone knows Google Adwords…. It’s this lady. Cherie manages our CEO Jay Kubassek’s account and has done for years as well as many of our other Million Dollar Earners within the company. Cherie lives, eats and breathes Google and is always on top of the latest strategies and changes within the Google platform.

Every top earner within the company is using Google Adwords and has been exposed to Cherie’s trainings. She holds weekly webinars and teaches our members strategies so that you WILL become a Master Marketer.

A commonly asked question from people is do they have to learn to use Google Adwords to become successful. Well, the simple answer is No – there are other great marketing strategies that can produce amazing results (but generally more time consuming) and if you are seriously after a six figure monthly income then you must learn to use the most powerful marketing platform on the internet. Google Adwords is so powerful because it has millions of searchers every day typing in keywords and looking for you. It’s a matter of finding those keywords that produce huge results. Generally only about 20% or less of your keywords will produce 80% of your income.

Using Cherie’s optimization strategies, you will learn to reduce your cost per lead and increase your revenue through tweaking and deleting keywords that don’t produce results. There is a formula to Adwords and it can be learned even if you are a complete Newbie. In fact some of our top producers came into Carbon Copy Pro with no prior marketing experience (only able to surf the net and send emails) and now can produce up to 400 leads a day (yes you read that right). Imagine how 400 leads a day could help your business!

So, if you want to be the best…you have to learn from the Best.

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