Hotdog Story


Here’s a great little story to illustrate how I enroll so many people into my business.



Suppose you and I both have a hotdog stand and we’re in competition with each other. In fact, we’ve got a bitter rivalry going on.

You’ve done almost everything you can to beat me.

You sell a much better hotdog than I do and you even sell it at a lower price because somehow you managed to find a supplier that can undercut everyone else.

You also have all the condiments and toppings one could ever want on a hotdog – onions, relish, pickles, the works. You even hired a professional copywriter to put together the signs for your stand!

You pretty much have every advantage there is to have over me. Except one. And the one advantage I have is the one that matters more than anything else…


A Starving Crowd!


And with this one advantage I can absolutely crush you!

Because no matter how tasty your hotdog is or how cheap your prices are…if nobody’s hungry…nobody’s buying.

So I made sure I placed my hotdog stand in front of a mob of people who will start rioting if they don’t get food. And because of that, my cash register is ringing non-stop from morning to night – regardless of what my hotdogs are like. See the difference between putting your emphasis on the solution/product and the problem/prospect?

During my “struggling” years of network marketing I had a twisted view of my role as a salesperson and a marketer. I was trying to sell my opportunity to a crowd of people who either had no interest in what I was offering or not enough interest.

Even worse, I was trying to force it upon people when I thought they needed it or that they would be “perfect” for this business.

I used to think it was not only my job but my RESPONSIBILITY to share my wonderful financial cure with everyone I knew and to convince them it was in their best interest to join.


This Is Pure Marketing Suicide


And if you’re doing this yourself, it’s really not your fault. This is the exact strategy that the MLM corporate trainers dish out to all their reps. It’s complete garbage not to mention extremely ineffective as I discovered.

Convincing is not a profitable way to sell. You want your prospect to already be convinced about the need for what you have BEFORE you talk with them. Instead, you want to find it and cater to it.

So, since you found yourself at our website, perhaps you are ready to fill your need. After all, there must be some sort of need that you are trying to find a solution for. Otherwise you wouldn’t be here, right?


I Will Show You How To Fill That Need


Our team will train you how to stuff thou.sands into your bank account while your marketing system attracts those who find you first. We will teach it all to you. All you have to do is get started.

Click Here to Apply to work with me and my team.

Remember, you have probably already wasted hundreds of dollars on your business trying to make it work. It is pretty obvious that what you are doing currently isn’t working otherwise you wouldn’t be here reading my emails.

I would suggest that you stop wasting any more money and instead invest just $10 on an application that will not only change your life (like it did for me) but teach you how to really build lasting wealth in home business.

Why charge you at all you ask? Well I generate so many leads and interest with this business that it’s just simply impossible for me to speak to and work with everyone. Nor do I want to.

Also, when you fill out the application, it tells me that you are serious, and I only want to work with serious people. If you’re not even willing to spend a measly $10 on your business, how can I expect that you will follow through with any of my training? It would probably just be wasted on you.

So if you’re serious, I hope you will show me by applying. Once your application is accepted, I will then teach you how to get the ball rolling and be on your way to a better life.

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