Those Who Take Action…

The 7 Major Differences Between Those Who ACT and Those Who “Wanna Be”


Ready for a reality check? By the end of this page you will know which side of the fence you sit on. Here are some differences between those who act and get results and those who will continue to probe, prod and dream about changing their life.

1) “Wanna-be’s” obsess about ideas. Entrepreneurs obsess about implementation and results. Don’t get stuck in analysis paralysis. It’s a well known fact that every successful entrepreneur takes action and every unsuccessful person doesn’t take enough. No need to reinvent the wheel here – just copy what the top earners are doing and implement.

2) “Wanna-be’s” seek a perfect plan and wait for the perfect time. Entrepreneurs execute and take action when they see an opportunity. Entrepreneurs accept educated risk and are able to make big decisions quickly once they have all the information. Make a decision and take some risk. No successful entrepreneur achieved their goals by playing it safe!

3) “Wanna-be’s” wait for their lucky break. Entrepreneurs take responsibility and create their own circumstances.

4) “Wanna-be’s” fear looking stupid in front of their friends. Entrepreneurs willingly risk making fools of themselves, knowing that long-term success is a good trade for short- term loss of image. Don’t listen to your friends and family that are broke. They have zero credibility as far as financial decisions are concerned. Surround yourself with people who have results. This is the only way to fast-track your wealth.

5)“Wanna-be’s” believe what they’re told. Entrepreneurs do original research and make their own decisions. Do your due diligence and follow your gut. It will rarely lead you astray.

6) “Wanna-be’s” believe they can do anything. Entrepreneurs use systems and technology to solve the variables that most people struggle with.

7) “Wanna-be’s” think about the world in terms of could and should. Entrepreneurs think in terms of is and can be.

Which side of the fence are you on? One simple decision to start thinking like an entrepreneur could be that one decision that shapes your future. Are you willing to take the risk of not knowing?

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