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How To Prospect With Posture Power

My turning point in this industry resulted from my transformation from a shy person to someone who could give tons of value!

Posture is simply confidence. No matter what stage you are at in your life, you probably have an area or 2 that you are an expert in and aren’t scared to give your personal opinions on.

I always like to compare recruiting with dating. So let’s look at the relationship between you and your prospect like a “date”. In any relationship, the one who demands the least attention always holds the most power. The less you care about the outcome, the more attractive you become. And the more desperate you are, the more you turn off the other person.

Attraction Is Not a Choice

If you understand human behavior, you can literally generate attraction like turning a switch on and off.

Why is it that jerks always get the hot chicks? Why is it that nice guys that buys flowers and always ask for approval usually get rejected? As humans, we always want what we can’t have. It’s ingrained in our DNA. That’s why when you are conversing with your prospect, you should never show desperation. The moment you show that you need them, it’s over.

One of the mistakes I have seen many networkers make is they always beg the prospect to take a look at their opportunity. And they are always asking for favors. If the opportunity is so good, then why do you have to convince them? When we convince, we automatically decrease the value in whatever we are doing. Fear of loss is the greatest motivation to take action, not trying to convince others.

In order to have true posture when you are recruiting for your business, you have to understand and be proud of what you are offering. No one would want to join you if you are presenting the business as if they were about to board a sinking ship!

Consider this example:

What kind of product does a bank sell? Money right? Now when we apply for a mortgage, how do we feel when we get approved?
Extremely happy. Should you feel so happy when a bank just sold you one of their products, and you probably have to pay a ton of money to the bank in interest? You feel happy because you know the banks service is something you need and that they do not simply give out mortgages to everyone.

So when prospecting, you need to have the same mentality of a bank. You need to think in abundance. You should only offer your time to those who qualify. By doing so you will create a lot of value and exclusivity in your opportunity. Prospects are going to come to you and beg you to accept them into your team, because they know without you, they won’t have a chance in achieving their dreams. When you truly believe that you hold the power and the key to open a whole new world for your prospects, sponsoring becomes effortless. Know that the success and longevity of your business is not based on just one sale. The success of your business is really the sum of the relationships and value you build with others, whether they join you right away or not.

Abundance Is Really The Key Here

So next time you are interviewing your prospect, don’t be scared to let them go. Your job is simply to showcase what kind of value you and your opportunity can bring to them. Nothing more.

Treat your prospect the same way a CEO would search for the most capable individuals to be top executives for their company. Don’t be scared to show some authority. Make the prospect convince you why they even qualify for your time. Why should you take out time from your busy life to help them?

It is important to have a successful attitude right from the start. Punish your prospect if they disrespect you by disqualifying them or eliminating them from your life all together. You wouldn’t want to disrespect Donald Trump now would you?

And this is what I have to do in my business too. Not everyone I speak to is qualified to grow this business successfully, so I tell them sorry, and turn them away. Unqualified people will end up being more trouble than their worth anyway. Plus, with the marketing skills we learn in PRO, we teach our people to generate more leads then they can handle, so it’s not an issue turning down unqualified prospects when you have to.

The good news is, you’re going to learn to do the same thing too. 😉

When you are in the process of transforming from low confidence to having posture power, you are going to go overboard in the beginning. Give yourself room for error and calibration. Know that it is a process and the faster you make the mistakes, the faster you learn.

Now that you know how to convert your posture power, we will show you how to apply it in today’s market place.

Here’s how to apply it effectively…



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