Freedom To Choose


What It’s Really All About!

It’s Not Just About the Money… It’s the Freedom to Spend Time

Doing the Things you Love With the People you Love


1) I just came back from a week of snow skiing with my husband and good friends. What I loved about this was having the freedom to choose to go mid-week when there was less crowds and not have to worry about asking permission from anyone or fitting in with anyone else’s holidays.  I shot a video whilst on the snow below.


2)  I remember back in my days of M.L.M., I was literally tied to the phone following up with customers and dialing for dollars. Even when I went away anywhere I had to make sure I kept my commitment to my customers and phone them to make sure they were following their plan. Because if they didn’t produce, I made very little income. I look back now and think, who wants to be held ransom by their team?! People should be paid based on the effort that they put in themselves (which is how the PRO model works) without having to spend time motivating people who aren’t interested in surging forward with their business.

Now, I do not need to worry about being tied to the phone and even though I took my laptop and phone if needed, I rarely spent any time on the computer and NONE on the phone. I was able to truly enjoy my skiing holiday knowing that my marketing was out there working for me 24/7 and any applicants I received, our business coaches and call center would be calling them on my behalf and closing the sales for me. Now, that is freedom!


3) Not only this, but I also have 2 young boys still at home with me aged 3 and 5 and I am able to take them to swimming lessons, music lessons, speech therapy , to the park….Whatever I want  at any time I like and I do choose the hours that I work. There is definitely a lot of discipline required in working your business and not have your business running you, but when you are partnered with the right team and the right leaders we will share with you an incredible amount of knowledge that will teach you the skills in mastering not only your business but your personal life too.

So as you can see, it’s not about the money – it’s about the freedom and the special moments in your life that the money can make possible.

I don’t know if this is what you are looking for because you haven’t submitted your application yet… But I am guessing you are if you are still opening and reading my emails searching for something and believing that life can be really different.

And it can. It really can. You can have a life worth living. You can experience joy, peace, happiness, and purpose. You can have security. Freedom. Choices.

But it’s not just going to happen by itself, YOU have to make it happen.

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