Day 6 With Simon


“How To Turn Leads Into Paying Customers”


Ahhh…this is one of my favorite topics…

Ironically, it’s the most important one because it’s when products are purchased, value is exchanged, and that’s when the money is made. Yet the average home business owner fails to capitalize on 90% of their businesses profit potential, because they have no idea how to handle this stage correctly.

Want to know what to say to your leads?

Wish you knew how to follow up with them correctly for maximum profits and results?


Then read today’s issue closely!

I’m sure you remember the 3-step formula I gave you in Day #1…

1: Build a list.

2: Build a relationship with that list.

3: Market to that list.

Then, repeat, repeat, repeat!


Well, we’re at stages 2 and 3 today, and they are intimately linked. You cannot consistently make sales in stage 3 if you failed to build a relationship in stage 2.

You’ll find that 3% to 10% of your prospects just get it. The time is right for them. They’ve pro-actively gone through all of the information about CarbonCopyPRO they could get their hands on, and they’re ready to become a part of the family as a customer or business owner immediately. As for the rest, it’s a matter of timing. And this is where the average distributor drops the ball. They usually end up treating prospects as a perishable commodity with a very short shelf life. They get a quick “yes or no” answer and then move onto the next.

Well, you’ve always heard that fortune is in the follow-up, and that phrase couldn’t be more true.

The Follow-up is Where You Find Your Leverage


Let me give you an illustration of what I mean…

Let’s say that you generate 10 leads per day, or 300 per month. Of those 300, 5-10% submit and application, paying you a $30 commission on each. (This earns you several hundred dollars to pay for your marketing/advertising costs.) Out of your applicants… about 20% will join at the “entry level”. This will earn you 3-6 customers and $3,000 to $6,000 in immediate commissions your first month. Not bad.

Well, as our system continues to build a relationship with your leads, the timing will become right for another 10% in month two. So all in all, about 3% of every 100 leads WILL JOIN. We already have 300 leads in our pipeline from month 1, and now we’re going to add another 300 for month two, bringing our prospect list total to 600. Once again, 20% of our new applicants will get started right away, giving us 6 new customers again in month two. But now an additional 10% from our previous month will decide to buy the product due to our follow-up efforts, which gives us an additional 9 customers for a total of 15, and commissions of $15,000.

You get my point…

But the real money is always made on the back end in ANY business, and once again, that’s no different here in PRO. You see, about 40% of all “entry-level” customers will eventually become “2nd product” customers because they love the product and see the incredible value of the information revealed in the “2nd product”. You make up to a $5,000 commission on each “2nd product” sale, so if 40% of your 15 customers become “2nd product” customers, you stand to make an additional $30,000 in profits from the customers you’ve already acquired!

When you add our “3rd product” into this equation, you stand to earn an additional $25,000 in back-end profits. Earning you a total of $70,000 in your first 90 days! And this process continues month after month as your prospect pipeline grows from 300 to 600 to 900 to 1,200 to 1,500, etc.

Alright, so on to part two of today’s lesson…

What Do You Do With Your Prospects as You Generate Them?

Well, our philosophy is pretty simple. We’re not here to personally sell people on PRO. Our marketing tools do the selling and telling for us. If someone doesn’t see the incredible value in PRO’s marketing system or business opportunity, there’s nothing I can say or do to change their mind, nor would I want to waste my time doing so.

I’m not here to twist arms. I’m here to act as a consultant and to provide information so that my prospects can sell themselves. And you will do the same.

Did You Know…

80% of all profits come from back-end sales – marketing to your existing clientele?


As you begin your business, your only real job is to generate leads into your PRO system that you will be provided with. Out of your leads about 5-10% will become “applicants”. These applicants are called on your behalf by one of our PRO “mastermind group” members.

If my prospects want to talk to me after this point, they just contact my home office…or I call to greet them AFTER they have already joined my team! Sound like something you could do?

Well that’s it for today….by the way, is all this marketing stuff starting to make sense to you?






Well, if you can see yourself making money with us, then don’t hesitate to rush me your application!



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