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What Not To Expect From Me As A Mentor


Simon Guilliard

Now as your mentor, there are things that you can expect from me and things that you should not expect from me…




Spoon feed you and hold your hand through every single step of the learning process. You should not expect me to call you every single day, pushing you to complete the tasks that you need to execute to grow a proper business online. I just don’t have the time to do this nor do I want to since I know it will severely hinder YOUR learning process and development!

I also won’t watch your every move and come looking for you if you decide not to keep in touch with me with your progress. Remember that you are an independent entrepreneur and the only person that is responsible for their progress and success — is You.



Show you the marketing strategies and teach you the steps that you need to implement to really command a 5+ figure income per month in this industry. And once you have mastered these steps, there is no limit to what you can achieve in your business and personal life.

I will also have a one-on-one Business Coaching session with you when you first join my team and also go through your financial goals to make sure that we can put the right strategy in place to achieve them.

You will get private access to my personal team membership site where I share intimate secrets of the way I structure my business via step by step video tutorials, so that you can reduce your learning curve and use the same strategies that I have used to generate leads, increase your conversions and make sales.

You will also get an invitation every single week to attend my LIVE training webinars with my team members from all over the world. In this forum we will address ANY of your questions or concerns and I will be able to help you get your problems solved directly. This is the best way to get feedback on all of the content that you have created, be it ads, blogs, capture pages, articles, PPC advertising etc.

Additionally, once you have demonstrated to me that you are extremely serious about being successful in this business, I will make myself available to you to do more one-on-one coaching should you need it. I am always willing to spend more time with people that really want to make it happen.




In my experience, this is the kind of mentoring that works the best. How do I know this? Because this is the exact same type of mentoring that I received when I was first starting out and is the only reason why I became a top earner in the online world.

I will provide you with all the training, feedback and tools I know are required to get you to where you need to go, but at the end of the day, it’s going to be you who will need to apply it and surge forward in your business. Hand holding and spoon feeding will only lead to dependency and I’m not here to create followers, I’m here to create leaders.

Now if you see yourself as a leader or becoming a leader in the very near future, you will understand this concept and you and I may just be a good match.

I recommend that you don’t delay another minute. Learn how to master the Internet, creating wealth online and live out the goals that you want to achieve.

Start by first submitting an application.






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