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Why Do You Need To Submit An Application?


That is a great question!

So let me explain why we do this and why it works so well.

When I first got started in PRO, I was actually surprised that they had an application process in place. I mean most Network Marketing companies and home businesses just let anyone and everyone join right?

But when looked a little bit deeper into their business model, I could see that it really made sense to have an application process.

First and foremost, it is fully refundable. So there isn’t any risk at all (hardly anyone asks for a refund by the way).

Secondly, it really is a filter and what it does is filters out all the people who are NOT serious with the people who really want to build a successful business online.

Now what that does for you is saves you tons of time and it means that you’re only working with the highest quality prospects.

People who are driven, qualified, ready to make an investment and people who understand that it takes effort to build a real and lasting business online.


Why Would You Want To Waste Time With People Who Aren’t Serious?


I mean, I think back to the days where I was working in my old MLM business, and 90% of the people that expressed “interest” in my business were basically a bunch of whiners!

There’s really no other way of putting it.

They weren’t ready to put in any work. They weren’t ready to commit any time and some of them were even surprised when they found out that they had to invest money before they could earn any money from the business.


Where I come from, to earn money from a business, you need to invest. You need to put in time, love and patience into the business. And by NOT having a screening process of who you are letting in, you are attracting a group of people who aren’t fit to start a business in the first place. Most of them are “free loaders” and have a “victim mentality”.

Which is fine, but not for what YOU are trying to build and create.

Ask yourself, do you really want these types of people in your business anyway?

I know you don’t.

And I’m sure that if you’ve spent any time at all in this industry, you have had to deal with your fair share of complainers, whiners and non action takers.


And This Is Exactly Why We Have An Application Process In Place

Every single person who comes through our doors is a serious candidate. Why? Because they put their money where their mouth is and paid for their application.

They put up their hand and said, “I’m serious, teach me how to build a successful business…”

And by doing that, you know that you’re not wasting your time when you speak to them.

So I hope you can see the benefits of having an application process in place, and I hope that you’re serious about your life and business and are not a whiner or complainer.

Because if you are, our community is probably not the best fit for you.

But if you are serious, then show me by submitting your application. And when you do, you will get a call from my Business Development Manager who will then schedule a one on one either with me or one of our other top earners inside my personal iGlobal Pros team.

I look forward to speaking with you on the “inside”…





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