Simply the Best – Live Event Lessons

Simply the best!  Better than all the rest!

The auditorium is packed with 30,000 distributors from the Asia Pacific region. All chanting and singing passionately to the sound of Tina Turner.

If  it sounds like a rock concert, it wasn’t , but it certainly was put on like a rock concert.

No expense spared. An opening act , a huge stage with all the trimmings and President Team members and Chairman’s Club members treated like royalty. Getting a signature from a President Team or Chairman’s Club member was much the same as getting a celebrity’s autograph.

Raving fans have flown from all over the world to hear from inspiring leaders who share their story and put on a show that will have you dancing in your seats. Literally!

If you weren’t clapping your hands and dancing like it was the party of the century then you must have been an ‘outsider’.

From an outsider’s perspective it may look like a bunch of happy clappy crazy people who have somehow signed up to a cult. But for the Herbalife distributor it’s a way of life and a passion that cannot be ripped away by ANYONE.

I was a very proud and passionate distributor for Herbalife for over 4 years and quite honestly the memories of these events and the camaraderie is something that will be ingrained in me forever.

Despite the fact that I was spending more money than I was making and I would say the majority of people around me were as well there was one extremely important lesson that was ingrained in me every time I attended an event or surrounded myself with like minded people and that was that without BELIEF it was impossible to reach your goals.

This BELIEF in me and my commitment to my goals set a precedent that has remained with me and led me to where I am now.  At least 70% of that room would have quit and moved on because they didn’t actually have the belief. They only actually hoped and wished and it proves that for any successful business or person,  belief must be the catalyst to create the results.

So my point really being here, without attending the LIVE events for your company it will be extremely difficult for you to create the same results as the people that do show up. Aside from the content, the fireworks and the shenanigans on stage, the real networking goes on after hours dancing way into the night and having real conversations with real people.

Ask yourself do you REALLY have the BELIEF that you need to create true financial wealth and freedom for your family. Or are you still just praying and wishing on a prayer?


By Jenni Ryan

Doing is believing and believing is doing. For more awesome tips and network marketing strategies to take your business to a real place of results then be sure to check out my free video here.

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