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Hey, Kameron here…

Kameron relaxing

Relax, if you can, and for just a few minutes try to forget about searching the internet for that “secret formula” or “magic bullet” that’s finally going to make you a success.

(Head back out there whenever you like, but first, give me just a few moments of your time and I promise it will be worth it… what have you got to lose?)

Ready? Great :)

Now close your eyes and imagine with me…


It’s morning. You’re at home, in your dream house, the place you’ve always wanted, overlooking the lake, or perhaps the ocean, maybe even up in the mountains. You’re smiling as you walk the few steps over to your home office with a cup of fresh coffee warming your hands…


It’s cool outside, and through the window you see one of your neighbors scraping ice from the car windscreen. He’s late already, and as always the roads will be filled with the clutter of middle class motorists making their way into the city for another taste of 9 to 5 misery. You can see that inside the car, his young children are sat side by side like tinned fish staring out into the cold. In a moment they will all be dropped off for pre-school. And who knows what time of day (or night) they will see their parents again.


Those are things that YOU need never worry about again. Your home office is nicely heated, the fire place lit.


It’s 10 AM, and you’re still in your pajamas!

And you’ve got your family all under the same roof – in fact, they’re all in bed still. Now… see yourself turning on your computer…with great anticipation…and sure enough, you discover that while you were still asleep, you made half a dozen sales from your website without ever meeting or even speaking to anyone first. Not only that, but someone you’ve never heard from before, a complete stranger, has purchased some product from you, and applied to work with you directly as a private client.


You’ve earned a few thousand bucks
while fast asleep…because, well,
the Internet never sleeps!


You dig into your e-mail a little further to find another five or six people have filled out an application to work with you. To learn from you. And the day hasn’t even started yet…

Does this all sound like some far-fetched fantasy? “Too good to be true”?

It’s not. This is exactly what I experience in my business today as a professional marketer who has learned how to structure virtual businesses and leverage cutting edge online marketing strategies to my advantage.

(And this is what I now teach others.)

This is my life.

Well, not the part about watching neighbors scraping ice off their windshields, I’m usually on the slopes if I’m near cold weather :)


You see I travel a lot, and have the financial security and agility to settle in any climate I choose. Some months you may find me over in places like Thailand, other months up on Ski resorts with all my friends enjoying what the snow covered mountains of Canada have to offer. Maybe that’s what you are looking for… a way to make choices?



Are you looking for an opportunity
to take control and change
your life for the better?


I think that’s what everyone wants, ultimately. But, sadly, most people never go after their dreams!


They are to busy playing inside the box that society has placed them in. To fearful to step outside of it worried what others may think. And if they do, they give up much, much too soon. Don’t you agree? You see, its not a matter of IF you can succeed, IF you can reach your goals, IF you can live your dream lifestyle its simply a matter of WHEN.


WHEN will you finally get your hands on the right information and find the right mentor who can show you how to actually build a profitable online asset. One that can actually enable you to live the lifestyle you have always dreamed of.


It can be hard to make money online when you have all the “GURUS” sabotaging your success selling you product after product claiming their stuff works, when in reality it doesn’t. Around every corner we have a “Get Rich Quick” offer thrown in our faces, or some lottery ticket push button software stuffed down our throats. No wonder the majority thinks everything online is a scam. Those individuals that do succeed, that are living the life of their dreams. Have at some point gotten their hands on the right information, the right business model, and been shown how to build it properly by a successful mentor. Period.


I belong to that latter category, the category who has been empowered with the right tools, the right training, the right resources and the right business model. I think this will become very obvious as you continue to read through this website.


You’ll see how I – an “ordinary” guy, maybe even a kid in your eyes, with an extraordinary passion for life, and for entrepreneurship – created the life of my dreams using the internet. And most importantly, you’ll see how I have helped countless others duplicate my success. And how you may qualify for a chance to work with me and my team of world renowned internet marketers and virtual entrepreneurs at iGlobal Pros.


You’re probably a little skeptical
though…right? Well, I’d be
surprised if you weren’t!


If I were in your shoes I would be too. Truthfully I haven’t really shown you anything yet and I’ve made some bold claims. So lets keep reading so I can show you what I am up to and how it can potentially be a game changer for you too like it has countless others.


You may have experienced that people have promised and not delivered in the past, that they were just trying to sell you a product. You’ve been left feeling as though nothing will work and maybe everyone else is right you should stick with your job and get back down to reality.


Maybe you’ve already looked at a ton of stuff – maybe even tried to build a business (or several). Nothing’s turned out to be the “real deal”. Well, if it’s of any consolation, I can tell you I’ve been exactly where you’re at. I’ve struggled. I’ve gotten the short end of the stick. Many, many times. More times than I’d like to admit.


But you know what?
I never gave up hope. And
today I’m so glad I didn’t!


Because today, you see, I have a flourishing business, money in the bank (a lot of it), a team of consultants and clients who are duplicating my results, and qualified customers

knocking at my door 24/7. Now I actually get to choose who I work with.

This picture here is from a recent trip to Phuket, Thailand. I thought I had died and gone to heaven with the crystal clear warm blue water and white sandy beaches it was amazing.


You’ll be able to see plenty of “real proof” shortly, that I really am getting these type of results in my business although I do believe that lame income claims are cliche and can stay on the hype filled “Get Rich Quick” sites where they belong.


You’ll also hear from some of the people that I have coached, who are now themselves enjoying great success in their own businesses.


And – last but not least – you will learn exactly how I can help you get from point A to point B. From where you are now, to where you’d like to be. If you’ll let me.


Because, you see, one thing I know for certain:


You, too, WILL experience
success if you really want it.


Success is a science. Just as 1 + 1 = 2. When you take the same consistent action, adopt a similar perspective, and apply the same principles to your business, you can’t help but achieve the same result.


Success leaves clues. And I continue to prove this over and over again everyday.


Real quick – just a few words about my background: As you already know, my name is Kameron George. I am originally from the small town of Mackenzie, British Columbia up in Canada.


Over the last couple of years, while learning the ropes of this internet game, and growing my current business, I have been able to do a lot of traveling around the world (which I love). All because my business is Internet driven and largely automated. I am immensely thankful and feel incredibly blessed to be living this kind of life style – no boss, no commute, no financial worries, no stress…no limitations. It truly is a dream come true.


Life is pretty damn good.

So good in fact, that I have written a book all about it, which I recently released. There I show you step by step how I came to be where I am today, and I discuss and expose the truth about the virtual business and internet marketing industry. What I believe to be the first step in really understanding how successful online businesses operate and is must have information for building a foundation from which you can build your profitable online business.


I share crucial insights and my perspective that allowed me to break free from the crowd and not only create my own success, but positioned myself where I can inspire and empower others to achieve the same results as well.


The book is really a recipe for success…taken from all my experiences as I transparently share how everybody can truly make REAL money online, it’s aptly titled,


Virtual Business Exposed”


I hope by now you may have already gotten your hands on a copy of my book from Amazon, or possibly qualified for a free copy during our initial release.


If you haven’t, you can download a free copy here :) CLICK HERE


Now if you’ve already read my book you understand I do not work in MLM. It’s not even Network Marketing…that’s important for you to understand. Although it is structured in a sense where it is a WIN/WIN scenario, and in my best interest to share my marketing campaigns and virtual business tool box with you, I will explain a little later, so stay with me…


I said that my business model wasn’t what you’ve seen or done before, didn’t I? Let me outline why I believe just about anyone can do what I have done…even if they have NEVER had a taste of success before.


In fact, in my opinion – and experience – those who have failed are even more likely to succeed! All failure really is, you see, is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently! At least now you know what not to do right?


I am living proof of this:


I have not always been successful
in business – far from it actually.


When I first got started in this industry, saying I was “clueless” would be a MASSIVE understatement. I could hardly run my own life, how was I going to run a successful business?


I was 20 years old when I first got started in the home based business industry. And I was already buried in so much debt I was considering selling my home. I purchased my first house at 19, and WAY over extended myself financially. I also wasn’t very good with computers and technology, either. And the best job I could get was working construction as an electrical apprentice hauling pipe and pulling wire.


I absolutely HATED it, too. Every day was like a living hell.


I was so miserable, I sometimes got physically sick on the way to work in the morning. (I used to listen to the song “Don’t Worry Be Happy” by Bob Marley in the car just to cheer myself up enough to handle the commute). I’d get up by 5:30am, fight traffic on a clogged freeway, then, after being yelled at all day by other tradesmen and a foreman (who wasn’t qualified to pour water out of a boot, much less be a boss…), I’d come home exhausted, with no time for anything, maybe a meal and some tv then bed. The only thing I had to look forward to were my weekends. And no matter how hard I tried or how many hours I worked…


The “Wolves” Were Always At The
Door Demanding Every Penny I Made!


Bill collectors, debt collectors, tax collectors… all out for my blood. They’d call my house. They’d call me at work. And sometimes they’d even contact my friends and family!


I spent hours each week trying to figure out which bills I could put off and which ones I had to pay. And I was always just one paycheck (or one boss’s bad day) away from being homeless. I had zero savings (used it all to pay for my first MLM) and, to make matters worse, they started talking about cutting back positions at my job. (And I knew my position would probably have been one of the first on the chopping block!)


This scared the hell out of me!


Yes, I hated my job, but I desperately needed it.


It was one morning before work when I had my line in the sand moment. When for the first time I realized that if I didn’t change the direction I was going, I was actually going to end up where I was headed…


With my heart beating a mile a minute literally…


I Clutched My Chest From A Panic Attack!


I was terrified I would end up like the 60+ year old guys on my construction site still JUST getting by. That moment in the shower was the first time I realized where my future was really headed if I continued playing by the rules of the “status quo”.


I’d soon be homeless — begging and leeching on my family and friends. The whole thing was like a nightmare I couldn’t wake up from. I just couldn’t take it anymore.


And while surfing the Internet that evening to get my mind off all the crap going on, I started looking at various home based business opportunities. I knew some people who had done home based businesses before, and they’d ALL failed. Plus, they were always pushing some new product and looked like they were always hard selling everyone.


I hated sales people. (or the stereotype of a them anyway). But at this point, I figured I had nothing to lose by looking. And who knows? Maybe I would make some extra money? Perhaps even make enough to pay down a debt?


I had a lot of doubts, of course. For one thing, I was afraid of spending money (that I never had) on schemes and ideas that didn’t work. And secondly, how could I be sure I’d succeed? Plus, I was not comfortable with technology or computers, either. (The only “technology” I knew was checking my email and playing on Facebook).


But I knew there HAD to be a better way. And maybe…just maybe…a home based business would be my way out. So I started checking out all the home based business opportunities I could find. Everywhere I looked there were scams, sensationalized reports, and pictures of people with their new mansions and fancy cars claiming to work just 30 minutes a day in their underwear, and that sort of cliche thing I’m sure you see everywhere too.


I should have known better than to believe those hype filled claims. But I was scared and (I am sad to say) so naive


I Pretty Much Tried Them All!


The first thing I tried was network marketing (MLM). I spent thousand of dollars on product (that I’m still using to this day). I followed that business plan to a “T”. I Struggled for MONTHS before I finally put my foot down and stop to the non-sense these companies were teaching me.


I dabbled with various Internet opportunities, matrix systems, “ground floor” opportunities and push button software promising me the world. I looked at so-called “rebate processing” schemes, envelope stuffing, Forex and the list goes on. You name it, and I did it — every opportunity, pyramid scam and ponzi scheme you could imagine.


It Was Like I Had A Sign That
Said “SUCKER!” Stuck To My Back.


And was I ever a sucker!


I was already in a lot of debt, but once the “biz opp bug” bit me I got really creative figuring out ways I could borrow more money. And before long I’d spent another $7,000 (sometimes even food and rent money!) always chasing the next deal trying to make money from home and online. And I had nothing to show for it except even MORE debt (over $36,000 to be exact), and a “pit” in my gut that said I was a total loser.


And who could blame them? I was a complete biz opp junkie. “I Told You So” & “That Stuff Never Works” were the closest things I had to support in those days.


Instead of paying down debt, or buying what I needed (like food or clothes)…I’d buy leads or join another “opportunity” — going from one deal to the next…


Desperately Hoping The Next
Business Opportunity Would Be
“The One” That Would Finally Make Me Rich!


I was seriously like a hopeless gambler. But I wasn’t willing to give up on my dream, and what I KNEW was possible.


Again, it wasn’t until I finally said “enough is enough” before I was willing to take a step back, and really take a look at the big picture of things online and the industry as a whole when I had my breakthrough.


So I started looking at what other millionaire home based business owners were doing. And sure enough, they weren’t doing grunt work things like chasing down prospects or personal selling (or even talking to people in many cases).


Instead, they “arrange” things so people come to them, money in hand, ready to buy. They structure online sales funnels and sales sequences to automate their business and streamline their sales process. This changed everything!


I stopped following the crowd (i.e. other broke home based business owners) and only studied what the millionaires were doing. And eventually during my research, I stumped onto a system and community that changed everything for me. It was called PRO.


This particular training, system
and online community was
THE game changer for me…


That’s also when I was introduced to this new concept of online business and e-commerce. It wasn’t until I found this system that I just “got it”.


You know how in the comic books a light bulb goes on over the character’s head…? Well, that’s exactly what I experienced! I finally understood why I was not getting the results I wanted despite all my efforts and the constant networking. It wasn’t from a lack of effort, far from it. But more importantly, I understood what I had to DO in order to bring about change. As the saying goes, “if you want something you have never had before, you have to do something you have never done before.”


And part of doing things differently, meant – for the very first time – learning to market like the professionals do.


Becoming a PRO marketer meant
never again chasing family and friends
to try to recruit them into a business opportunity.

It meant not buying expensive, low-quality leads anymore but rather learning to generate leads myself…quality leads.


It meant learning to use a simple, leveraged marketing system to sort and filter my traffic for me so that I only speak to qualified people. It meant learning to instead attract prospects into my business – which in turn made marketing fun and profitable! I was now able to turn a profit off of every single lead I generated. It meant freeing up my time to do the things I love.

The day I stumbled across PRO, and had my application accepted was the day when I said to myself


“Eureka! I’ve found it!”

Because all of a sudden I had access to the same web sites, automated email messages, tools and resources that some of the worlds best marketers had already used to make millions of dollars.


Everything was already tested, and proven. And, even more importantly, I had access to top-notch live marketing training with 7-figure earners!


This was the moment in my life when I realized that I had found an education more valuable than anyone could have imagined. I found a community, a system, and a platform that offered me the chance to work and learn DIRECTLY from real 7 figure earners. People in the trenches getting results.


Mean while my “successful” friends from high school were up to their eye balls in debt from their student loans going to “traditional” schools to learn business from a professor preaching theory to them from the front of the class. They still had another couple of years of school before they could get their fancy piece of paper that MIGHT get them a job.


Mean while I had found a place where I could learn first hand exactly what these internet moguls were doing in their businesses and how I could apply it to my own life today. And the best part was, they were directly offering to help me! (more on this in a bit) For me, finding this community was like pushing fast-forward to success:


The more I studied and implemented, the more “valuable” I became in the market place. And the more valuable I became, the more people wanted to work with me. Because they saw that I could actually help them! I could actually teach them how to make money and build wealth! I could show them how I was getting results.


Compared to what I was used to in my traditional MLM business – where all I was doing was pitching my products and bothering people – it was like night and day. I finally had value I could offer other people.


I firmly believe that you can have whatever you want in this world, If you will just help enough other people get what they want.


As you continue through this information that you’ve got in front of you right now, I’m convinced that you, too, will start to understand the true power of this concept and the unlimited potential it holds for anyone willing to take the time to understand it.


The difference between trying to build your business the hard, difficult, near-impossible way, and doing it in a way that actually produces results is completely contradictory. As its EASIER to get results then to run around on that “Internet Marketing Treadmill” buying into all the hype and lies.


I got started with this training and system (known as “PRO”) in September of 2009 and, in a nutshell, here’s what happened:


Four months later I went into work and finally… Fired My Boss!


I really had no choice.


I couldn’t afford to be there anymore.


I said, “Hey man, I can’t afford to come into work anymore.” My boss said, “WHAT!?” I said, “That’s right, you heard me, I am FINISHED! Gone. Outta here!” You should have seen the look on this guy’s face! PRICELESS! I remember driving home that day with the most liberated feeling imaginable.


It was like a long-awaited vacation had finally come. It was the day I started to live MY life, the way I chose to. 6 Months in things really started cranking for me, I got extra dialed in, and that’s when I earned $23,547 in JUST 3 DAYS! Less than a year later I had become a top earner within the company.


For the past 4 months I’ve managed to stay in the top 1-5 spots of all income earners within the business. I now consistently earn in the range of $20 000 to $40 000+ a month (and that’s only on my own sales; it doesn’t even include the compensation I receive for closing my clients sales!)


I’ve made as much as $52,078.60 in a single month – more than I used to make per year when I was working in a regular j-o-b. I have personal coaching clients all over the world, who – and this, of course, is what’s most important to you — are duplicating my results.


And, if they can follow in my
footsteps, why can’t you?

The correct answer is, “Of course you can!” :-)


Please understand that I’m not sharing all my success with you in order to try to impress you, but rather for the following 2 reasons.


1. I want to establish some credibility before I go on. What I do, and what I teach my clients clearly produces actual results.


2. I want you to understand that things really can change for you, too. If I can do it, you can. Because…


When I got started with this, I had NO experience with Internet Marketing.


Everything I have learned that has gotten me to where I am today, I have learned by simply going through PROs training and applying it…


I’ll share with you shortly how you can get to take a test-drive of this exact same training and system for yourself. I’ll also share with you an exciting NEW project I’m working on and how its going to directly benefit you.


And the best thing is that while you
are learning, you can market &
earn money at the same time.

In fact, I’ll show you how you can leverage all my hard work and online assets for yourself.


we’ll talk more about this, too, in a moment, so hang tight!


But first, let’s take a look at the three keys – the forgotten keys – to success in marketing so that you can really begin to understand the real opportunity that there is online right now.


(If I had known about these a few years back, it would undoubtedly have saved me tens of thousands in trial and error, and A LOT of sleepless nights. Fortunately, you don’t have to make the same mistakes.)


Click the arrow below to see what I mean…

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