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10 for 10 photo Everything you have ever wanted in terms of lifestyle and freedom are right at your fingertips when you associate yourself with the right people.There is a true saying that your ‘net worth’ is directly related to your ‘network’. The power of association is critical for your own vision. Do you think all the naysayers who surround you are going to help you create that dream lifestyle?


When you plug yourself into a community of entrepreneurs who are willing to teach you life long skills to empower you, your potential is limitless and YOU get to decide the path of your life.


This is exactly why myself and my 5 partners formed iGlobal Pros, to be able to reach and empower as many people as possible. We founded iGlobal Pros to offer real solutions, real support and real integrity to an industry that is otherwise dominated by hype, BS and fluff.


We were all individually top earners and marketers inside PRO U before we joined forces. As a result we now have a powerful mastermind group specifically designed to drastically reduce the learning curve required to structure a profitable online business.


We have all, individually, experienced first hand just how powerful and universal the information, community and business model that PRO offers can be. We have such a diverse back ground from Karen who was a corporate executive for Fox, to Simon an award winning high ticket IT sales rep, to myself a struggling construction worker who have created our financial freedom using the PRO platform.


By coming together we were able to combine our years of marketing and online business development experience to refine a business model and sales process that even the newest marketer can leverage to make substantial returns. With our combined resources we are able to create a custom business plan for each member to help them reach their individual financial goals. We have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on marketing fine tuning sales funnels, and dialling in a marketing process that we now allow our clients to leverage by partnering with us. We want to show you exactly how we have used PRO’s tools, training, and resources to build and structure our business.

With our mapped process we have the ability to show anyone how to replicate our business model using our unique ‘blueprint’. And quite frankly we believe we have the ability to help ANYONE, who is willing to do the work, achieve their personal financial goals.



There is no such thing as an ‘overnight’ success and YES it does require some hard work and perseverance – but if you are willing to just do more than the 97% who won’t then you are setting yourself up for incredible results and a lifestyle that most people only dream of.


There are 3 components to building an online business that are critical to separating the successful from the unsuccessful in terms of systems and training.


The 3 Components to a Successful Online Enterprise


1) Leverage the Internet and Proper Marketing Education Let’s face it, people spend thousands of dollars and years at College to earn the right to work at a skilled ‘job’, yet most people do not want to spend the same amount of time or investment into building financial freedom from their own home. Being willing to do this will give you skills in marketing and online sales that will allow you to have an automated business. There is no selling, telling or convincing when you are providing people with a solution. People will be begging you to give them what you have.



2) You need a mentor who is actually doing the deal… not just talking the talk! Someone who is committed to empowering you to achieve the goals you set for yourself. Someone who is actually generating leads, sales and revenue and who can share with you what’s working, what’s not and show you exactly how to do it. It’s your chance to Carbon Copy the successful marketers.


Our goal is to inspire and empower 100 people in the next 12 months to earn a five figure monthly income. How do I know that you can do it? Because I have done it and so have people that we have trained.

I could be a typical ‘guru’ here and show you screenshots of my bank account, but none of that really matters because its all about YOU and what you believe you are worth. ( In any case income proof bores me and comes under that umbrella of hype we were talking about earlier. Here is a screen shot of us dominating the company leader board just to give you an idea of whats possible).



3) You Need a Powerful Marketing System that Sifts and Sorts for You.

When you have a system that sifts and sorts for you and then does all the telling and selling for you, then there is no limit to the amount of traffic you can send to your website. Imagine if you had to call back every lead you got – you would burn out very quickly and it would be just like having a job.


However, when you have a system that automatically qualifies people for you then you only ever need to talk to the people who are ready to take some sort of action and move forward and don’t have to talk to the simply curious or ‘tire kickers’.


Since online marketing works for you 24/7 then you’ll be able to drive as much traffic (visitors to your website) as you want to your site because the more leads you have coming through your funnel (your business), the more potential buyers you will be automatically showing your products to (even when you are sleeping or taking a vacation!).


This also eliminates the fear of selling for the average person and levels the playing field for everyone regardless of their phone skills or experience.


What’s in it for You? Why is Your Success Important to Me?


Long term success requires you to have a vision much bigger than just yourself. It’s very rewarding for me to see a member of our team have a $5k day. The more people you help, the more success you have. It’s a win-win situation. You can have whatever you want in this world if you’ll help enough other people get what they want.


As a member of PRO you not only receive access to the best internet marketing training, tools and resources on the Internet but as a member of iGlobal Pros you will also receive:


red check box Weekly private team training from iGlobal Pros as well as daily webinars and calls by top earners in PRO on all aspects of marketing and conversions so that you can learn these skills first hand to get your business into profit as quickly as possible

red ehceck boxYou will receive a 2 hour business plan call ($1000 Value) exclusive to iGlobal Pro members. This is where we map out your specific plan of action based around your personal income goals. We do this to ensure that you know what daily actions are required to reach your specific goals (success is a science)

red check boxAs a member of iGlobal Pros we not only give you an opportunity to use our proven sales funnels but we will also close your sales for you. You will never have to worry about screwing up a sale (this is how we ensure our members get in profit as quickly as possible)

red check box Access to our private team training site where we exclusively share our intimate marketing strategies and exact campaigns for you to use (we’ve already done all the grunt work). We want to give you every opportunity to get this right

red check boxAll our members get instant access to our private team chat where members can interact with each other on a daily basis, ask questions and support each other. This is the best support you could ever have (don’t be scared to ask a question – expect an immediate response from either ourselves or a leader within our iGlobal Pros team)



How One Decisive Action Changed the Direction of my Life

I always knew I would be a successful entrepreneur I just had not found the right path to date. I had spent thousands of dollars on ‘how to’ products and get rich quick scams and I was hesitant to spend any more money. But I was stressed out and desperate to change my circumstances so taking the 15 mins to submit my application with PRO was not too much of a risk after all in the whole scheme of things.


Had I not made that decision to submit my application – nothing would have changed. I would still be working long hours, fighting traffic and living a miserable life.


Why do You Need to Submit an Application?


Our paid application process is what does the sorting and filtering for you. We value our reputation in the marketplace and we are only willing to work with those people who are serious about changing their circumstances. Instead of automatically accepting every get rich quick seeker with a lottery mentality our application process is in place to sort out the serious entrepreneurs from the curious time wasters. Remember, we’re prepared to spend our valuable time training you and your clients, so it’s important that you show us you’re serious before we make this investment in you.


Leveraging a process like this will free up so much of your time because you are not tied to the phone 24/7 telling and selling or using arm twisting techniques. You never have to sell – you only ever speak to qualified people who you know are ready to get results by putting in the work required.


What is CarbonCopyPRO and How Can it Help Me?



CarbonCopyPRO is an online marketing education platform, a community of entrepreneurs and an automated sales funnel built for you. CarbonCopyPRO is also the world’s first e-learning platform run by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Let’s just say we offer the equivalent of a university level online business education where you literally “learn to earn.”


We have members in 192+ countries so you have global reach through the power of the Internet.


We have been featured in Fox Business News and Home Business Connection Magazine.


Carbon Copy Pro has their own line of e-learning courses under the umbrella of PRO U which is spear headed by David Bach – a 9 times best selling author and financial expert. These affiliate products yield a very high return on investment and even if you are not in a position to invest at the top end you can still make handsome commissions without purchasing any products. Almost unheard of in the industry. This is a very lucrative income stream which can be added to what you are already doing OR can be your primary income stream.

If you are accepted into the iGlobal Pros team you will receive a private consultation (called our business plan call) valued at $1000. When we hold your personal business plan call we can help you decide on a plan of action based on your personal goals and budget.


There are essentially 3 parts to Carbon Copy Pro to make it a world class platform.


1) The Marketing Education and Training.

Every week there are daily live webinars and calls hosted by top earners showing you exactly how they are generating hundreds of leads a day online. We are a global community so if you can’t make the live trainings they are also all recorded and loaded into the back office. Every aspect of your business from generating leads to quality conversations with your prospects is covered to help you become the best.


We also have detailed marketing modules starting from beginner working all the way up to advanced. We cover free and paid marketing strategies.


We hold live marketing events twice a year where you can meet hundreds of other people in the community as well as a chance to mix with some of the sharpest and influential people in the industry.



2) Automated Sales Funnel

Included in your membership is built for you landing pages, sales pages and auto-responders that are highly converting and a call center with business coaches that call and close the sales for you.


You will have the tools and resources to track all of your marketing so you know what’s working and what’s not. This way you are never spending money on marketing that is not bringing you a return.


We want you to run your online business like a real business and actually track and monitor your return on investment. After all you are in business to make money – not lose it!



3) Affiliate and Entry Level Product

Business in a Box


The “Black Box” or “BIB” is the entry level product we offer that offers a solution and is a valuable resource for internet marketing. This product offers cutting edge marketing training that has been compiled by the co-owners of PRO, Jay and Aaron and covers everything from mindset to marketing. This is their personal million dollar game plan (everything they’ve used to build a 7 figure business) and is the foundation to our business model here at iGlobal Pros. This product is immediately downloadable including the workbook and also can be shipped to your door as a physical product.


You will make affiliate commissions on this product as well as other income streams that gives you cash flow to cover your marketing expenses. It’s what we call a funded proposal.


The BIB is the next step after the application process and is a required purchase to become a member of PRO and access all the websites, tools, training and resources. (Coming very shortly will be a large amount of free training on the front end to help your buyers see the value of what we have to offer).


Within your PRO business, you will offer a high end ‘top tier’ product (this is the secret to earning large upfront monthly commissions). The PRO system again does all the selling, telling and educating of your clients for you. The system really is ingenious and eliminates the fear of ‘selling’ for people (like me) who don’t like to sell.


Now, the important thing here is to take that chance on yourself and invest 15 minutes into your future by submitting your application. You will be asked 18 questions that will help us determine who you are, your goals and why you would be someone that we would be willing to invest our time into training.


iGlobal Pros already mentors and trains team members in over 12 countries around the world. We like to make sure that the people we invest in are action takers and are committed to their personal goals. We have a good track record and a reputation to uphold and are not willing to waste our time with just anyone. Show us you are committed. A person with clear, distinct goals has a far better chance of success.


Let’s Get Clear on the Application Process


By submitting your application:

red cross You are NOT obliged to make any further purchases

red cross You are NOT joining anything

red cross You will never be pressured or arm twisted



Rather, the application process is:


red tick A ‘filter’ to pre-qualify the people who I am going to invest my time into.

red tick A chance to get all your questions answered by our professional business coaches.

red tick A complete business and product overview as soon as you submit your application

red tick An invitation to an application only live webinar by top earners and a chance to ask your questions live

red tick You can also choose a student membership so you can have full access to all the training without the full membership.




satisfaction gaurantee Full satisfaction. If you are not fully satisfied OR you decide this is not a match for you then simply return the “Inside Out DVD” which you receive as part of the application fee of $39.95. A full refund will be issued, no questions asked (minus the small shipping fee.)




After you have submitted your application you will immediately receive some information for you to review and my Business Development Coach Dominik will call you to discuss your application.


I look forward to meeting you and YOU becoming my next success story.


To work with our team, CLICK HERE for instant access to your application!




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