The Age Of The Home Based Internet Business


According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of home-based businesses in the United States exceeds 18.3 million.

The number of U.S. households operating a full or part-time home-based business exceeds 12% according to the Office of Advocacy, Small Business Administration.

Home Business Magazine® estimates that 50% of the households in the United States are involved in a home-based business.

There’s never been a better time to be in business for yourself. There has never been a time like this in history, and for some of us, we may never see another opportunity like this in our lifetime. You may not realize just how well positioned you are and the immense opportunity you have right at your finger tips. You’re in the right industry at the right time, but even more than that, you’re also consuming the right information.

The bottom line is that the world is CHANGING. I’m not just talking the Internet marketing industry here. I’m talking the entire world. The world’s economies are shifting. Where the money is going is shifting. The careers and businesses of the future are shifting.

What no one can deny at the end of the day is that the largest growth sectors happening in our world right now, the largest companies being born, the largest amount of millionaire’s being created is ALL happening on the Internet.


Emerging Brand Names

Think about household name companies that have emerged in the last 5 years and what names pop into your mind? Google, Youtube, Twitter, MySpace and Facebook just to name a few. Not to mention companies like Apple leading the way with iPhones, iPads and other technology-related products that are exploding onto the scene making it even easier for us to access and interact online. See any major trends here?

But that’s really just the start. The opportunities that are being created because of this massive shift is for the little guy like you and me. We get to utilize the advertising mediums that are evolving from these new platforms and with EASE we can tap into the largest and most targeted audience in the world and cash in.

The Internet is a Goldmine of advertising. It’s a Goldmine for business prospects and customers. It is the largest audience on the planet. It is the future of where our world is heading in terms of economics and information. There is NO possible better place you could be positioned than learning “Internet Skill Sets” to grow a business and make money. Especially since these opportunities and new technologies are still evolving and growing. Learning these skill sets now puts you FAR ahead of the curve where the money is destined to flow as these shifts continue to take place. Learning how to market online, is quite frankly THE most valuable skill set you could ever acquire in this day and age.


You Can NOT Have A Successful Business Without Successful Marketing


Businesses all over the world are scrambling for educated experts to help them gain exposure.

How to market effectively was the most important skill I have ever learned. If mastered, it could turn a fortune even in the conventional workplace. If applied to one’s own business, the possibilities are infinite as you will shortly see.

If you can master online marketing, you’ll be able to sell anything to anyone anywhere. And ultimately write your own paycheck for life! Practically everything in this world revolves around buying and selling. Nothing happens until something is sold. You either sell something yourself and collect all the profits, or you sell something for someone else and collect a percentage of the profits; its as simple as that.

The age of the Online Business is already here. Whether you have been paying attention or not, THOUSANDS of ordinary people are creating small fortunes from home by leveraging the Internet every day thanks to the advertising mediums that are now available to us.


The Money Is In The Marketing


Before the Internet, it simply was not possible to market to as targeted an audience as you can now. Imagine being a business owner and NOT paying for advertising until a customer has already expressed an interest in your business or product.

Imagine with me for a moment that you ONLY paid for advertising AFTER a customer stuck up their hand and said…


“Hey, I’m Interested, I Want This!”


Well that’s PPC Marketing (Pay Per Click), one of the many forms of online advertising.

Basically how it works is you sign up for an account with an advertising platform like one of the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) that allows you to place ads based on certain KEYWORDS. When people use the search engine and search for a particular keyword you placed an ad on, your ad is displayed to them. Then when the searcher CLICKS on your ad and is directed to your website, ONLY THEN do you pay. This is absolutely revolutionary for so many reasons. This type of PERMISSION based marketing has never been available before the Internet.

Prior to the Internet, almost all advertisements were INTERRUPTION marketing (e.g. a TV commercial). You were simply trying to watch your favorite episode of Lost and “boom”, up pops an ad for Viagra part way through the show. Something that you have no interest in, is not targeted, and is disturbing. It just pops up interrupting your show and exposing you to a product that you aren’t even interested in. Not really the most affordable or efficient way to turn a profit with a product or service is it? It’s more of a shotgun approach to advertising and used for brand awareness.

The type of advertising we are interested in, allows us to scientifically scale our profits and is called Direct Response Advertising.

For YEARS, big companies and big brands have participated in the dumb “old school” marketing that’s sold to them by the big ad agencies on Madison Ave. It doesn’t work now and it never has.


Here’s proof: On February 16th, it was announced that Border’s Books was filing for bankruptcy. This is a HUGE company with millions of dollars to spend on marketing and they went under because of a reported “lack of sales.”




Brendon Burchard sold 5,000 advance copies of his new book, Millionaire Messenger. Since then, he’s been #1 on Amazon and on Barnes & Nobel. And get this: He did it with NO “book tour”. There were NO major media interviews. And he didn’t spend a DIME on advertising. All because of the database he has built as a direct response marketer.

The savvy Internet Marketers who understand traffic and conversion are placing themselves at the forefront of where the money is flowing in the new economy. The info-marketers who have a message and are willing to work hard to share it with the world. They are ready to enjoy the potential profits and freedom that follows.

With PPC, and today’s permission-based direct response marketing online, you can finally be a sniper. You only target the exact person or customer you want. You can now target customers based on the EXACT keywords they are typing into the search engines. This means you can be so focused, so specific on the type of customer you want to display your offer to, that you are presenting your business, products and services to people you ALREADY KNOW are interested in your offer.

For example, say you had a business opportunity you were marketing and you only wanted to show it to people you knew were:

A) Already interested in starting a business.


B) Had enough capital to invest in YOUR business.

You could literally display your offer to leads who you already knew had $200,000+ ready to invest into a business.

Example:  You would create an ad that targets people searching the keyword phrase “Buying a SUBWAY Franchise” and the only people who will ever see your ad and have the opportunity to click on it are the people who obviously have money to invest in a Subway franchise.

You can target customers who are not only interested in what you have to offer, but who are actively SEARCHING for a solution and looking for what you have. With Direct Response marketing you can have it displayed right in front of them the moment they want it. And the best part is, you ONLY PAY when the interested searcher stands up and says;

“Hey, I’m interested,  I want this!” and CLICKS on your ad.

The key to all of this however.  Is having a proper sales funnel in place that can allow you to systematically monetize your traffic and leads WHILE you build your own database and list of trusted and loyal subscribers.

For a sneak peek at what my colleagues at iGlobal Pros and I leverage in our business click here.

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