It All Starts With Mindset


When I first got started in this industry, to say I was “clueless” would be a massive understatement. I could barely manage my own life let alone a business.


My first experience in the home business industry was with a traditional Multi-level Marketing Company (MLM). After months of struggle, and thousands of dollars wasted attempting a traditional MLM, I was broke. Over $36,000 in debt to be exact. And I followed “the plan” to a T! 

I could just not make it work no matter how hard I tried.


I was struggling to make ends meet. I mean REALLY struggling, I was working on my Network Marketing business for 6-8 hours per night AFTER I got home from my construction job. 

It was during this period of frustration and struggle that I hired my first mentor. I introduced him to most people as “my friend” simply because I couldn’t admit to them the massive amount of money I had to borrow just to get him to consult with me. But the reality of the situation was that he was a successful entrepreneur and I reached out to him to help me move forward in not only my business but my life.


Successful Entrepreneur & Successful Mentor


The gentlemen I hired went by the name of Brandon Crick. Now Brandon is a sharp guy. He is a successful entrepreneur in his own right who at the time was earning over $250,000 per month through his various businesses. This included experience in the network marketing industry. It didn’t take me long to realize that he had the lifestyle that I wanted and I had to find out what he knew that had allowed him to accomplish that feat. A chance to sit down with a multi-millionaire one on one, you would be crazy not to take that opportunity right?


After receiving Brandon’s details from a friend and phoning him to book our first appointment, I began to prepare for our meeting. I wrote down questions for him, which turned into ideas, that began to spiral out of control into master plans. Within an hour of booking the appointment, I had a notebook FULL of what I thought were million dollar ideas and I was ready to blow Brandon’s mind!


So the day of our meeting rolls around and I head out to Brandon’s beautiful acreage and home in Edmonton Alberta. I gave Brandon enough time to greet me and sit down before I just exploded. I started PUKING my ideas all over him. I mean I did not stop. There was no way to shut me up.


Meanwhile, Brandon was sitting across from me just smiling and nodding his head. I thought nothing of it and finished up my reenactment of the exorcist and sharing my life-changing business building ideas with him. I eventually came to a close asking him,“so what do you think?”


That Is Where Things Got Good…


“Kameron,” he said to me, “I think my ideas make me millions and your ideas are what’s keeping you broke.”

“You need to STOP, go look into the mirror, and you will find both the problem and the solution.”

He told me, “Kameron, if you want things to change for you, YOU need to change!”

“You don’t get what you want,” he said, “you get WHO YOU ARE.”

This just blew my freakin’ mind! It was the first time that I actually “got it”.

I mean, I was completely blind to this before.


That day I had my line in the sand moment and recognized my desire to change my circumstances and to HAVE something different. That’s all it was.  It was the moment that I made the decision to HAVE something different.


The problem was, I changed what I WANTED but I was still the same person. The same silly construction worker. I had no new skills, no new talents; nothing. Yet here I was, thinking that I was going to make a million dollars because of this incredible opportunity I had found.


Sounds Crazy Right?


But this was literally what I thought and that’s what THOUSANDS of other people think too. It’s that “Get Rich Quick” mentality that has them buying into opportunity after opportunity, one after the next, searching for something outside of themselves to change their circumstances rather than facing the REAL problem which is them.


Your first step to creating a successful online asset is cultivating a successful mindset and understanding that EVERYTHING starts with YOU!


Don’t think for a second there is such a thing as “easy money.” Reaching any goal requires you to step up, and to step out of, your comfort zone.


In order to have something you’ve never had before, you need to BECOME someone you’ve never been before. To have what others don’t, you need to be committed to doing what others won’t. There is no lottery ticket. Successful people do what unsuccessful people won’t.


When you understand the principle of BE, DO, HAVE. By being and doing first, ONLY THEN will you HAVE what successful people have in the form of money, lifestyle, freedom or whatever you are looking for. So many people have this backwards it makes me sick. Most people approach it HAVE, DO, BE rather then BE, DO, HAVE.


You hear them saying, “IF ONLY I had the money, then I would start a business” (DO), “then I would BE successful, rich, happy”…whatever it may be.


BE A Leader, DO What Leaders Do, HAVE What Leaders Have


You need to make the distinction that everything starts with YOU, not some course, not some book, but YOU. And once YOU are BEING that person, you will DO the things that are required to HAVE anything that you want in life. But it all starts with YOU.


Your income is going to be a direct reflection of the amount of value you have to offer and are able to transfer to others by serving them with your products or services. Whether they are your own or someone else’s.


Your ability to DO, to educate yourself, to increase your value and to apply what you learn is what will determine the results and the type of income you are going to be able to create.


At the end of the day it comes down to YOU, your mindset, the distinctions you are able to make from the educational material you are given and your ability to take action on it. So get out of your own way, be present and conscious to who you are being on a daily basis. Take action and watch the results pour in.


To see where I got my Internet marketing education, and my start online, CLICK HERE for a glimpse behind the curtain.


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