Magic Bullets Don’t Work!

The market is being flooded with “Magic Bullets” by slick marketers looking to make a quick buck at the expense of others. It makes me sick. They are literally doing nothing but preventing people from obtaining what they REALLY need, which is to build a REAL business.


The reason these “Magic Bullet” or “Guru” products usually sell like hot cakes, then have a 99% failure rate, is because as a modern day culture we want instant gratification. We want microwave results. I’m not pointing any fingers here because I was guilty of it too.


The “I want it now mommy!” mentality is immature and unrealistic. It is, however, what most of us expect because of how we have been conditioned through our modern culture. We expect a simple pill to cure everything these days. And so it is with our online business, as many of us expect instant results. The first step to break this cycle is realizing that it exists in almost all of us and that we can make a conscious decision to not subscribe to that mentality any longer.


“Magic Bullet” marketing isn’t exclusive to the online business industry either. It’s everywhere really. While buying a magic bullet like product in our industry is usually done in the form of an information product, or “how to” course, Magic Bullets in other industries such as health and wellness take on many different forms. Just flick on the TV and see the latest infomercial for an “Iron Gym” or “Perfect Pushup” where hired models prance around with their perfectly sculpted bodies pretending that they achieved those results (i.e. their physique) by using that little tool for just 15 minutes a day, 3 days a week.

Don’t Tell Me You Believe This?

I mean exercise in general will give you SOME results but c’mon!


These advertising campaigns create unrealistic expectations and you can’t honestly expect to achieve the same type of results as the models making the claims with the product they are selling you. The same goes for the online business world. People sell products with crazy claims along with “proof” to back it up. But they NEVER give you the whole picture. They NEVER tell you that in order to earn that $100,000 they made with this technique that they had to spend  $1,000,000 to do it and that they actually LOST $900,000.


No, they never tell you that. Instead they simply say “I earned $100,000 with this technique,” leaving out the little fact that it cost them $1,000,000 to pull it off. This is simply creating the illusion of value rather than real value itself.


The Little Details…


Their agenda is simply to have something marketable to sell. If they told you that they spent a million dollars to make $100,000 in 30 days then it’s not exactly going to fetch much of a price. So they tell you “I made $100,000 in 30 days using this method” and they leave out the little detail of it costing a million dollars to do it.


Where they make their REAL money is by selling you the information product. It’s not in the technique, or strategy, or latest trick the product is teaching you. Their REAL business model is selling you the information product. Maybe they should teach you how they ACTUALLY structured their business and where they ACTUALLY made their money so that you could duplicate it and do the same and create a win-win situation like we have done here at iGlobal Pros.


It’s the same with the “Iron Gym” commercials, where basically they are telling you that they have achieved spectacular results with that little flimsy piece of equipment when in reality, the models got their results from completely different exercise training in conjunction with dietary supplements. They use these models to create the illusion of results just like the sales copy from the online marketing “How To” products.

 They don’t get the results from the “Magic Bullet” product they are selling you either.


If you want real results, and to get physically fit, you shouldn’t buy a “magic bullet” Iron gym. You should make a real commitment. You should make a commitment to learning a good work out routine, which exercises are best, and how frequently to do them. You should get educated and find out EXACTLY what needs to be done. IF you are really committed and serious, and really want results, you should probably hire a personal trainer (i.e. a mentor in physical fitness).


You should take daily consistent action to learn your new techniques and sculpt your new body.  The same principles apply to getting financial results and building an online business. It requires a proper plan, a proper blueprint, and a REAL commitment to follow through. Magic Bullets don’t work!


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