How To Grow Your Network Marketing Business Today

The Internet has been around for quite some time now, but there have been some recent developments in the online world in the last few years that have brought marketing online to a whole new level. For starters, there are more qualified, working class people who are using the Internet to network, keep in touch with their friends and to do business. This phenomenon has lead to the explosion in social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Squidoo just to name a few.

Also, more than ever, people are starting to realize that the Internet is a great place to market their network marketing business. They are able to reach a global audience, they can truly work from home, and they can use tools online to leverage their time which is just not available in offline marketing strategies. But bringing your marketing business onto the Internet does have its fair share of challenges as well.

Being as diverse and massive as the Internet is, most newbie Network Marketers have no idea where to start and most have no idea what they are doing. There are way too many that spend countless hours on the computer without really doing anything productive. Some can only generate a few leads and most don’t really turn a profit.

So here are 3 tips that you can use right away to really understand how to grow your business properly on the Internet.

#1. Learn To Master Different Marketing Platforms

It is essential that you get proper training on the different places that you wish to market your business. So for example, if you have researched or decided that Facebook is one of the marketing platforms that you would like to use to grow your business, then become a Facebook marketing pro. There is no point having 5,000 friends if you have no idea how to monetize them or turn them into leads.

Remember that marketing is a skill. And just like any skill it requires education and practice. So make sure you get the right training by becoming a member of a system or by following mentors online who know what they are doing. Thinking that you can figure it out yourself is possible, however, it can take a lot of time and most people fail miserably.

#2. Focus On No More Than 2 or 3 Strategies

After you have identified the marketing strategies you wish to pursue, pick 2 or 3 and get really good at them. Learn every aspect of each platform and tweak them until you can crank out a satisfactory number of leads from them every single day. There is no point using 10 strategies and spreading yourself too thin. This way you will not be able to gain traction in any of them and will probably leave you pissed off, frustrated and broke.

#3. Be Consistent

Once you are working on those marketing strategies, make sure you put in consistent effort and stay the course. There is no point posting one article on one site once a week. That will yield you zero results. Instead you should be posting articles every single day in the 20 or so article sites that you have identified. And remember that results do take time to blossom. So be consistent and take action every day.

By using these 3 methods, and realizing that it was essential to become a marketing expert by utilizing specific strategies, it really helped my network marketing business and I finally started to get the results that I wanted.

iGlobal Pros co-founder Aaron Chen


By Aaron Chen

Aaron’s “tell it how it is” attitude toward marketing and success online has helped hundreds of people to breakthrough barriers in both their life and business.


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Duplication Is NOT The Key To Success

You hear that term duplication, duplication, duplication being tossed around like a dirty rag. What does it really mean?!

If it means that you need to fill a room up with hundreds of people every single week, stand in front of them, and present your business opportunity like a professional public speaker, before you gain any real headway in your business, then no wonder the failure rate in Network Marketing/Home Business is so high.

It’s impossible!

So it’s easy to see that duplication is not the answer.

Because unfortunately, most of us “normal” people don’t possess the prowess that it often takes to build a huge Home Business organization the traditional offline way.

And if you think that’s you, don’t feel bad…

A LOT of people are in the same boat. In fact, 99% of all people are in the same boat!

Did you know that the success rate in Network Marketing/Home Business is less than 1%. It’s actually more like 0.23%! Something ridiculous like that.

So don’t get tricked into thinking it’s so easy. And I know it can be hard especially when most companies get the successful people walking up on stage telling you how they make 40K a month and all they did was speak to 5 people.

It’s all about duplication right?

WRONG! It’s total BS!

Because if it really was as simple as duplicating what someone does, then the success rate would be much, much higher. But the simple truth is that it just isn’t! And it’s almost impossible to duplicate what the top earners are doing.

BUT – don’t worry, it’s not all doom and gloom.

Because if you have a SYSTEM that people can follow step by step and apply themselves, then this is what really builds success.

Ask yourself what a successful business is? It is a series of systems put in place to get a desired outcome. That’s it.

So, what you need is a system that teaches you the best way to approach people, to attract and market to people all over the world and a system that leverages the most powerful tool on this planet – The Internet.

That’s how you create success.

The best part is, not everyone uses a system exactly the same way. See, you might use it a little differently than I do. But the point is that you have guidelines and instructions to follow so you don’t get lost and confused.

And if you’re not an Alpha personality who can make people follow you like the “Pied Piper” can, then hey, it’s okay!

Because you don’t need to do that when you have a good system in place.

So if you’ve:

– Listened to your upline

– Made a list of ALL your friends and family

– Paid for “leads” from some lead vendor

– Printed flyers

– Cold called

– Had home parties

…. been there done that, and got the t-shirt? – AND you’re STILL NOT making enough money to pay your bills, then it’s time for a change!

Because “duplication” IS NOT the answer to building a massively successful business.

A powerful system IS.

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Choose Your System Wisely

It is crucial that you pick a system that allows you to leverage your time. There are too many businesses out there that are just that – businesses. But that’s all they are. They have some sort of product that you can sell and they have a compensation plan…the rest, they leave to you.

Now, if you come across a vehicle like this, I wouldn’t be surprised, because the industry is full of them. And I would stay very far away. Remember that without a proper system or marketing funnel, that will teach you how to convert your leads or traffic into sales, you will spend most of your time struggling trying to figure out how grow the business and generate a profit.

Also, if there isn’t any good training to educate you how to generate leads in the first place (and I’m not talking about hassling your friends and family) then what you have is a “non-starter.” Your business isn’t going anywhere without leads!

The other thing to keep in mind is good systems and marketing funnels allow you to “leverage” your time. I don’t know about you, but the whole reason I built my own business is so that I could get away from it! I don’t like being tied down 5 days a week and neither should you. There should be the option of being able to get away from your business but still generate income while you’re not “working.”

Ask yourself if your system allows you to do this?

With the right systems in place, your business should continue to run on its own and churn out profit. This doesn’t mean you don’t have to do any work but it does mean that you don’t need to be running your business 12 hours a day, 7 days a week and watch it like a hawk! Who wants that anyway?! It must allow you the chance to step away and do the things you want and enjoy life.

Now there are a lot of different options when it comes to online marketing systems. You can choose Direct Sales, MLM, Affiliate Marketing, Internet Marketing and eCommerce. There are a few others but these are the most popular niches available. There are pros and cons to all of them, but it’s important to choose the right niche based on your on your own needs and goals.

For example, if you want get out of debt quickly or replace a 6 figure corporate income this year, then you need to go with a vehicle that is actually designed to do that. Direct sales has a “get paid today” type of compensation model where you get paid everything upfront. They pay high commissions and reward you for the effort you put in but do not focus on residual income. So in this case, it would work very well with these goals.

MLM on the other hand would not mainly because it is a long term business model and focuses more on residual income. So if you are someone who loves what they do, and you just want to build something on the side and don’t really require immediate extra income, then MLM is the way to go.

As long as you understand what each type of system offers and is designed to provide, then you won’t go wrong or be disappointed. Be sure to ascertain your needs and goals first, then make an educated decision.

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