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PRO Elite Marketing Partners - iGlobal Pros


From: – June 2, 2011 – New York, NY

The dust is still settling since CarbonCopyPRO launched the PRO Elite Marketing Partner Program, but today CEO and Chief Marketing Officer Jay Kubassek announced that the marketing team iGlobal Pros are the newest Marketing Partners.

iGlobal Pros is a team of six experienced PRO members who joined as business partners in January 2011.  Aaron Chen, Kameron George, Simon Guilliard, Dominik Mikula, Karen Newman, and Jenni Ryan collaborate on their virtual business from all over the world, hailing from Malaysia, Canada, USA, England, and Australia.  Having already won marketing awards and led large teams of PRO entrepreneurs, when they banded together, they quickly soared through the ranks of PRO’s leadership levels.

“The day PRO announced the Marketing Partner program in April,” said Simon Guilliard of iGlobalPros’ promotion, “we made it our goal to achieve this distinction.  There was no doubt in our minds that we would serve our community this way.”

The Marketing Partner program is designed so that the most experienced marketers and business owners in the PRO community not only share their advertising strategies but also personally close sales for new members.

Kubassek summarized, “The Marketing Partner Program underscores a new era of PRO that focuses less on making money and more on empowering others.  iGlobal Pros joined together with a clear vision of servant leadership, and we couldn’t be more enthusiastic to leverage their expertise for the greater good of our entrepreneurs.”

Qualifying as a Marketing Partner comes with a host of requirements, including specific production results and a scrupulous interviewing process.  iGlobal Pros co-founder Karen Newman added, “Becoming a Marketing Partner is an enormous privilege and honor.  But giving credit where credit is due, when we approached the PRO Leadership Team and said, ‘We’re ready to give back; how can we do this?’ they embraced us, coached us, and ushered us into the position.”

John Jackson, VP of Leadership Development responded, “The PRO community will never compromise on our commitment to developing leaders.  But iGlobal Pros literally raised their hands and said ‘We’re in!’ It’s humbling to honor their unyielding passion to serve others.”

CarbonCopyPRO, founded nearly seven years ago, is a private community of virtual entrepreneurs serving thousands of members in over 200 countries. The company is on a mission is to inspire and empower people around the world to quit their jobs and write their own paychecks by providing the education, systems, tools, and resources required to set up and run a successful business that is fulfilling to them. PRO is an incubator for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

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