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online-business-consultant-aaron-chenAaron Chen

Aaron Chen is an award winning marketer who focuses heavily on helping other like minded individuals to design the lifestyle of their dreams. His core skills encompass online marketing, training and recruiting. Coming from a corporate background where he felt trapped by the “system” for a long time, Aaron spends most of his time training others on how to create ultimate freedom for themselves by leveraging new technology, so that they can live life on their terms and no one else’s. He believes that every person is an architect of their own fortune.

Kameron George

After hanging up his tool belt, kissing the construction industry goodbye, and becoming a leader with PRO, Kameron’s fresh approach to marketing has dramatically altered today’s work-at-home-arena. His tips, philosophies, and marketing strategies are proven, frighteningly powerful, and flat out work. Kameron’s vision to destroy the paradigm of what is really possible in the home business and internet marketing industry “now” is what led to his co-founding of the award winning marketing group iGlobal Pros.

online-business-consultant-simon-guilliardSimon Guilliard

Having spent over 15 years selling ‘big ticket’ corporate solutions, Simon brings a wealth of business and sales know-how to the table, with a unique entrepreneurial vision that is valued by customers and associates alike. His acute ability of identifying and seizing opportunities has also seen him go from losing a lucrative sales career during the middle of the banking crisis, to building a thriving enterprise online. As an Internet marketing consultant and business success coach, Simon is able to bring a wide range of understanding and insight that is utilized effectively as a co-founder of iGlobal Pros.

online-business-consultant-Jenni-RyanJenni Ryan

Jenni Ryan has always believed in following her gut and going against the grain. After having her first child, she was adamant about not returning to work for a boss and decided to pursue a business from home. After chasing the big mlm dream for over 4 years, Jenni took all the new skills she had acquired and began consulting and mentoring others on how to build an online business the “right way”. Jenni specializes in copywriting, direct response marketing and assisting people in acquiring the mindset and determination required to be a successful entrepreneur.

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