Know Exactly Why You Want to be an Entrepreneur

Your reason for wanting to be successful in business and life has to be much bigger than “just wanting to make lots of money.” Sure, making money is great, but you need to know exactly why you want to make a lot of money. Is it because it will afford you more time to spend with your spouse and kids? Maybe you want to be able to enjoy life to fullest, get out of debt and not have to worry about trying to find money just to pay your mortgage or keep the water running in the kitchen. Maybe you are like me and you want to be able to travel and see the world and experience other cultures, relax and sample life’s luxuries. Or maybe you have a bigger calling and want to give back to your communities by creating charities or helping to bring more food to people in the starving nations of the world.

Whatever it is, you need to have a REASON for wanting to be successful. And this is important because the journey towards becoming a successful entrepreneur is a road riddled with challenges and obstacles. But as long as you have a vision and a goal that is bigger than yourself, it will be much easier to stay focused and to pick yourself back up whenever you fall down. Your reason is what will keep you going.

Now because iGlobal Pros is made up of 6 of us, we all had different reasons for wanting to be successful as entrepreneurs. But for me personally, it really had to do with my family situation at home. We basically had been hit very hard by the recession of 1997, which took us more than 10 years to get over, before another big one hit us again. So for me, it started off purely as survival. I had no choice.

If I didn’t make it big, who knows what would have happened my family and me. Those were dark times and it really was my reason for wanting to drive my business forward. And when my family finally became stable, my reason shifted from just having to survive to wanting to enjoy what life really had to offer.

Now, I love to travel and so I spend most of my income on traveling which makes me happy. And after I figured out how to transition from having to work every day, to working part time, to sometimes not working at all, that’s when you know you have figured out this business. The great part about not having to work at all for short bursts, is that your business has systems in place that are still generating leads, still working for you and still generating income so you won’t have to worry about slacking off just a little whenever you want.

So, your REASON for wanting to be successful can change over time. It does not have to remain constant. It can and should be re-evaluated at different time intervals. But it is important to sit back and think about WHY you want success so much.

Remember that having money in itself is not a reason. It’s what the money can afford us that is important.

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