The Magic Life Raft Theory

So riddle me this…who’s crazier?

The entrepreneur following his passion, his dream, his vision of making a difference and living a life by design OR uncle joe who continues to follow the masses, spends 3 hours a day watching the boob tube, complains about his health, his massive amount of debt and the J.O.B. he can’t stand?

I can’t help but discuss this topic today because it’s been on my mind for a while now.

It’s the “Magic Life Raft Theory.”

Ever since that epic morning in the shower when I had my line in the sand moment.  When I realized that the uncle bobs of the world just didn’t have the results I was looking for, and I became AWARE of my heart and desire to change my circumstances.  Ever since that morning my life has taken a radically different turn then the majority of my peers.  Heck the majority of the population for that matter.

A few months ago on my way back from Malaysia after 3 months of laying on the beach and awesome random adventures, I decided to head back to this side of the world.  On my way I stopped back in at ground zero, Edmonton Alberta.   The place where I started this whole crazy adventure.  To be honest, it was like walking back in time.  In the year or so I had been gone, nothing had changed.  NOTHING.  Friends went to the same bars, the same day of the week, worked the same jobs, lived in the same homes, drove the same cars pretty much had the same life. Except for the excessive debt many of them had managed to wrack up and the newly found stress they took on as life became just that little bit more real for them,  nothing else had really changed.

As I walked into the regular watering holes to surprise everyone,  which believe me they were surprised,  to them I just fell off the map, new Facebook profile and all.  Talk about deer in the headlight look.

The more I caught up with everyone, the more one major pattern started to develop through each conversation I had.  Which brings me to the ” Magic Life Raft Theory.”

Every single conversation I had just trying to see how my buddies had been doing, what was new for them, what was going on  in their lives, the more I realized that nothing had changed at all. Nothing. And with every single one of these conversations a pattern was forming and it was evident by this comment:



What friggen planet are they from?

It became clear to me that their perspective of what I had achieved in just over a year was LUCK.  As if I had won the lottery.  As if their was some force outside of myself that magically crafted my results. It became clear to me that they really didn’t realize that life is a series of choices.  That each and everyone of them had/has the exact same opportunity. They can make the same choices, they can take the same actions, they can have the same results if they wanted.

They literally thought I was the lucky one, who was picked up by some Magical Life Raft and sailed off into the sunset without them.  Completely unaware that they are the captain of their own ships and have the exact same ability to steer it in any direction they choose, even the one  I was already headed.  Its simply a CHOICE.

But apparently they weren’t REALLY aware of this choice. And by not making the choice to do something, by default they made the choice NOT to do it. And by not making the choice to steer their ship, they made the choice not to steer it, and have just been floating in whatever direction life seems to take them. Just sleep walking through life…

We’ve all done it at some point. I mean sometimes I still do when I look for that mindless distraction just to unplug my brain for a minute.  but the bottom line is that we’ve all been programmed over our life time. We’ve been programmed by our friends, by our families, by the media, to be part of the crowd.

If you’ve been following the masses most of your life, where has it gotten you?

Until that moment in the shower when I nearly had a freaking heart attack after my epiphany when I WOKE UP to where I was actually headed. I realized that if I didn’t change where I was going I was actually going to end up where I was headed, and I wasn’t looking forward to that destination at all. 65, broke, in debt and miserable…no thanks.

But until that moment, I was programmed to be a 99%er, and the results I was getting and where I was heading were a clear cut symptom of that.

There are a few things that 1%ers KNOW that the rest of us do not. They have a different set of habits, a different set of beliefs, a different perspective. And it’s this perspective that gives them the results, the life style that they enjoy.

1% of the worlds population has what MOST people would consider an unusual way of thinking. An unusual way of making decisions. They speak differently, they act differently, they LIVE differently.

Because what these 1%ers understand is that what you put into your mind you will get out. YOU are a product of your environment, which YOU control.

To think that you are a victim, or at the whim of chance and circumstance is insanity. You control your environment, who you surround yourself with, the books you read, the information you study, the mentors you model everything is a choice. Your environment cultivates your beliefs. Who you think you are, what you think you are capable of doing or accomplishing.

YOU will never even reach for something bigger than you think you are…

“Whatever a man can conceive and believe he WILL achieve” –  Napoleon Hill

What you put into your mind, comes out. What you put in comes out. What you put in comes out. What you put in comes out. I dunno if I can say it enough times to get my point across.

Think of a DVD player.

If I invited you over to my sweet crib here in Whistler to watch a movie, and I got up and put in the DVD for the movie “Anchorman” in the player, and up pops the movie “The Ring”…you know that horror movie with that terrible little girl?…creeps me out just thinking about it! Anyway, if that happened, what would you do?  Sit back and say “Hey, this isn’t Anchorman. Let’s keep watching and see if it changes. It’s supposed to be Anchorman, it’ll come on soon.” Or would you make the choice to get up off your ass and check which DVD was actually put in? Not what was supposed to be put in.

WHAT YOU PUT IN COMES OUT. You are just like that DVD player. What you put into your DVD player comes out on the screen. What you put into your mind comes out into your LIFE. If you are consistently feeding yourself messages not realizing what you’re putting in, and you’re not consciously CHOOSING,  then you are just sleepwalking your way through life assuming what’s put in front of you will get you where you’ve been told you want to go. You are being unconsciously programmed by your environment and you don’t even know it. Crazy, I know.

You see, 1% of the population has VISION. Vision of what they not only want, but are committed to making their lives look like. If you don’t even know what you want, how are you going to get it? If you can’t see yourself achieving a goal or getting a result, no one else can either.

Successful people understand the importance of having a clearly defined vision.

Success is NOT an accident, it is NOT luck. It’s scientific.

Just as 1 + 1 = 2. When you cultivate the same beliefs, adopt the same perspective and take the same actions, you will get the results. No matter what results you are after there is someone you can learn from and model to get  you there.

Thinking that someone got to where they are because of something OUTSIDE of themselves is thinking like a victim.

Don’t be a victim of circumstance, CHOOSE how you want to react. Be the captain of your ship and make the choice of where YOU want to steer it based on where you want to go and the results that you want to have.

Those who believe in magic life rafts will continue to float in whatever direction the next wave takes them, a total victim of circumstance.

Understand that YOU are the only variable in the equation of success and you can BE, DO or HAVE anything you choose in this life.

Be the captain of your ship, and steer it where you choose.

By Kameron George

Kameron’s fresh approach to marketing has dramatically altered today’s work-at-home-arena. Kameron’s vision to destroy the paradigm of what is really possible in the home business and internet marketing industry “now” is what led to his co-founding of the award winning marketing group iGlobal Pros.


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