Finding a Great Mentor

Proper mentoring is one of those things that you just cannot substitute if you want to become a successful entrepreneur. I think that everyone knows that this is important but they rarely go out to seek it for themselves.

The best way I can explain is to use a real world example of how humans have always lived. Since the beginning of time, we have learned from mentors, teachers and masters. There have always been people who trail-blazed the way forward and then passed on that critical knowledge to their disciples and students. This can be seen in ancient cultures during the hunter gatherer days when alpha males would teach their young how to hunt for their food. Or when farmers would teach their children how to sow and plow their fields for harvest every season. Without this intricate knowledge, and the passing of this vital information, people wouldn’t have had the skills they needed to hunt or grow their food and would have gone hungry and starved to death.

Now although these are simple and the most basic of examples, they hold great significance. Because if such simple tasks such as growing food requires careful mentoring, then can you imagine the type of mentoring that is required to build a full scale business?! And yet there are so many people out there who choose to go at it alone. They rely heavily on “generic” training calls, scripts or upline “mentors” who have no proven success in using new technology to grow their business. It just doesn’t make any sense at all!

You see, one of the smartest things you can do is to find someone who shares the same values as you do, and has the skills that you want, and then stay extremely close to them. Who cares if your upline makes $50,000 a month. If they have grown their business the traditional way and you are failing in your business using those exact strategies (which by the way is what happens with the vast majority of people) you need to follow someone else who has the modern day marketing skills that you want to learn.

Remember that you have the power to choose your mentor. Just because you get stuck with someone when you first join a business, does NOT mean that they are your mentor forever. In fact, when I first got started in Network Marketing, I had joined a total of 4 different companies. Now, I always had uplines who were doing quite well but I never considered any of them my real mentors. Honestly, they didn’t have that much time for me, didn’t have what I wanted, and couldn’t teach me what I really wanted to know.

When I finally did find my mentor, that is really when I was able to take my business to a whole new level. You MUST find a mentor who has already walked down the path you are on right now, has created success for themselves in life and business, and then try to become their apprentice. Period. No buts. No excuses. Just action.

The other thing to remember is that you need to find a mentor who is still IN business. There is no point teaming up with someone who was successful back in the 90s, or use to build a home business but is now just selling information products or sitting on the side lines. They aren’t in the game anymore. And with the way technology is changing, if they are not actively building their business, the chances that they will know what strategies to use currently are probably pretty slim. What worked 2 months ago may not work today. So find someone who is still active in growing their business.

Also, you must apply the knowledge that has been shared to you by your mentor. Only a fool sits there and expects that success will come to them without doing anything. It is your responsibility and your responsibility only to execute what you have learned conscientiously and diligently.

You must develop a strategy and game plan that will help get you closer to your ultimate goal step by step. Again, success is a process and it will take you time to get there. But when you take the appropriate action to set things in motion, and continue to build and build on it every day, with the guidance of your teachers and mentors something beautiful happens that will change your life forever.

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